Paul Ryan For President in 2016? Sources Believe He’ll Run For Office!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

PAUL Ryan will run for President in 2016, insiders say.

Ryan — who was Mitt Romney‘s vice presidential pick — is apparently going to make a bid for the White House at the next election.

“Paul loves power,” a source said. “He’s peeved that he and Mitt didn’t win this election. But he’s adamant he’ll be able to win it on his own in 2016.

“He’s convinced Mitt is the reason he didn’t win and is determined to go it alone in four years.”

At the time of his selection by Romney, Ryan was a familiar figure to only 35 per cent of people, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Today, he is a household name.

Ryan’s supporters say the campaign enhanced Ryan’s stature. Speaking days before the election, Representative Sean Duffy recalled a warm reception from Democrats when Ryan returned to the chamber’s floor this fall.

They say that the campaign reinforced a reputation for truth-telling and open-mindedness, pointing to his speech on Medicare at a convention for the AARP, a lobbying group for older Americans which has backed Obama administration proposals, as a sign of his political courage.[imagebrowser id=1115]


  • Educated in Houston Texas

    I pray he will be the Republic candidate…….Ha!!!!!!! It will be a cakewalk to the WhiteHouse to who ever runs for the Democrats—The Republicans just dont get..keep going conservative Right and the Red Blue map will never change for 100 years……come on man!!

  • jilly

    If Mitt Romney could fool some people, Ryan couldn’t even do that! The worst candidate in the world, yaaayyyy for the Democrats!!!

  • Anonymous

    Get real! No chance! Power hungry? You think he would win the majority? You need a Ron Paul type of candidate! He drew in people form both sides and the independents!
    What we need is a true fiscal conservative…and one that has the guts to say “to hell with the rest of world, until we get THIS country back to A+++

  • Marygee

    God help us all. We live in Wisconsin. Ryan has never run against a strong candidate, he had NO idea how to be part of a large campaign. For a young guy, it is amazing how he is SO out of touch with a modern society. His wife is so wishy washy she would be an embarrassment, and his budget plans are outlandish at best. Romney lost because he couldn’t take a stand on a topic and stick to it for more than a day AND because NOBODY liked the Ryan choice because he is out of touch with the reality of real people’s lives and real people’s budgets. His conservatism is a joke, too. Around Janesville, WI, the big Catholic families really wonder how he and his wife only have three children when they *supposedly* don’t believe in contraception. We Catholics all know the rhythm method doesn’t work (basically leads to MORE babies), so why do they only have three? I had someone call with an interesting poll question right before the election. They wanted to know if I was voting FOR someone, or if I was voting AGAINST someone. I was undoubtedly voting FOR someone but, honestly, if the Republicans could have come up with a better candidate than Romney, I may have voted for him. But, I would NEVER have voted for anyone running with Ryan. They made such a big deal about him, but in WI, we know better.

  • jilly

    Paul Ryan the LOSER! No chance in hell for Republicans if he is going to be the candidate. For now, we’re happy that Obama got elected. :)

  • Elmo

    I know this is a little late, but I must say this. I FUCKING HATE PAUL RYAN. I say that as someone who was a ROMNEY supporter. When he first picked you, ryan, (lowercased on purpose because of how much of a douchebag you are) I said to myself “Romney couldn’t have picked a better choice. He will appeal to women because of his looks and is smart and articulate, just like Romney.” That was an outright LIE to myself. As I watched, all you did was cling to Romney like a tumor and a burden, slowing and weighing him down like the scumbag you are, by being unclear about your sources of funding as congressman, and where you stand on things like abortion.(and I now know you’re a jerk on that too, you are against abortion WITHOUT EXEPTIONS, dickhead.) and you did it on purpose, so that romney would lose, and you could run in 2016! Congressman ryan, YOU ARE THE REASON THAT ROMNEY LOST, and you know it. If you are the republican nominee I WILL VOTE FOR HILLARY(or kill myself because the only other choice is joe Biden) but I don’t need to worry about that because you’ll never be the nominee! I truly believe Romney will run in 2016 because he got screwed out of it this time by voter fraud, Paul Ryan, and lazy Americans who won’t WORK for a living, in that order. And I truly believe America will wake up, and he will DESTROY joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, the only two people that can possibly be the democratic candidat

    • Elmo

      Whoops, forgot about John Kerry. Make that the only three people.