Jordin Sparks Under Pressure to Have Kids

January 30, 2013 by dino

JORDIN Sparks admits she feels pressure to have kids.

The singer — who’s currently dating Jason Derulo — says her boyfriend’s mother’s constant hints for them to have a baby are starting to bug her.

“His mom was like ‘You know, I’m gonna be 60 soon,” Jordin said.

“I’m not gonna be able to chase around kids’ and I was like ‘whoa’.

“When it happens it’ll happen. I definitely want to be married first and be with somebody I know I’m gonna be with forever. But I love kids. I would love to have a couple of my own one day.”

Jordin and Jason, 23, have to compromise to make their long distance relationship work and she credits communication and understanding as the biggest reasons their love has survived.

“Well we have a long distance relationship so we really have to make the time we have together count … Communication is really key like, ‘I really didn’t like it when you said that,’ or, ‘Maybe we can try this and go to this movie at the same time?’ I would definitely say compromise and communication for sure,” she said.