Kristin Davis Has Weird Beauty Treatments?

February 13, 2013 by dino

KRISTIN Davis has been having ancient Chines medicine treatments to make her look and feel younger.

The former Sex and the City star has reportedly undergone a technique called Gua Sha, which raises red welts on the body.

“It involves scraping the surface of the skin with a round­ed-edge instrument, breaking the capillaries close to the sur­face,” explained Dr. Stuart Zoll, a Florida-based acupuncturist. “Gua Sha is used to improve blood circulation.”

It’s also used to treat respiratory conditions.

“She likely had a sinus prob­lem with chest congestion, which would explain the red marks on her face and chest,” Dr. Zoll explained.

Kristin, a recovering alcoholic, has become totally focused on her health. “I don’t smoke, I eat well and I haven’t had a drink in 15 years,” she’s boasted. To stay in top shape, Kristin also practices Pilates and yoga, and she goes on hikes.