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Justin Bieber Talks Romance

Posted by Adam

40th Annual American Music Awards - ArrivalsJUSTIN Bieber is romantic!

In a new interview, the teen star — who recently rekindled his romance with girlfriend Selena Gomez — has revealed what kind of dates he likes to plan!

“I guess I grew up with my mom, so she influenced me a lot,” Justin explains as the reason for why he’s so romantic. “So growing up and having your mom always around you, you become a sensitive guy.

“I think it’s up to the guy to be romantic. I think it’s the guy’s responsibility to take her out. It can’t be the other way around. That would take away my masculinity; I feel if that would happen.

”I think that the most romantic things to do for someone are the things that you spend time on.

“Like having a picnic where you bring all the stuff they like. You make it something that she’s going to remember so she can tell all of her friends, stuff she can say, ‘He did this for me!’ That’s great.”[imagebrowser id=1186]