Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco: Why They Split

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Man of Steel" ("El Hombre de Acero") Madrid Premiere - ArrivalsHENRY Cavill‘s playboy past caused his split from Kaley Cuoco, sources say.

The pair only dated for a matter of weeks, and the romance came to a grinding halt fairly quickly.

Kaley’s The Big Bang Theory costar, Johnny Galecki, also reportedly contributed to the split.

“Henry’s a ladies’ man,” dishes an insider.

“And even though Kaley and Johnny broke up three years ago, they’ve remained really close pals. Johnny was worried for her and thought Henry wasn’t being genuine.”

Henry was engaged to champion horse jumper Ellen Whitaker before jumping into the arms of Gina Carano. And after he crossed paths with Kaley this spring, he quickly ditched Gina to pursue Kaley.

“That’s how Henry works… he gets invested in a girl but drops her when another stunning woman shows interest,” said the source.

“Johnny thought Henry was using her for publicity. She’s looking for the real deal but keeps picking the wrong guy.”[imagebrowser id=1262]



  • guest

    this is soooo ridiculous! The biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard thus far. Seems to be weighing heavily on the fault of Henry Cavill(ridiculous)….and this thing about using her for publicity,please give me a break. I wish web sites and magazines would just drop this. It’s over,please don’t milk it for all it’s worth….and make up stories as to why it happened. Maybe there will be a few things learned by both of them,after this. Leave it alone already!

  • Laura

    Hollywood is so damn corrupt. These tabloids do anything for a story. I think this is a bunch of bullshit. Why is everybody shifting the blame on Henry. I for one do not believe he would use someone like that for publicity. He is too much intelligent of an actor for something like that. What would he gain out of it. I feel this Kaley person and the pr people stage this to make it look like it was all Henry’s doing. But, i think they are out to ruin his career and reputation. I hope Henry is reading these stories and learn from the choice of women he chooses to be in a relationship. I like Henry and his performance in Man Of Steel. I hate to see his movie career go down the drain over some shit like this. Henry Cavill, please stay away from Hollywood. Stay single for awhile, then find the right person, and keep it private. That way some actors do not get caught up in that hollywood mess. Their lives are private most of them.

  • Laura

    And another thing. If this is true about Henry Cavill jumping from one woman to the next after meeting her, why isn’t he hooked up with someone right at this moment. He is still singe and have not moved on to any other person since his split with this Kaley. so i feel this story is a lie to make people think that Henry is a serial dater. Please, give it a rest and focus on someone else. Leave Henry alone.

    • farila

      I’m sure next time he finds a girlfriend, people will tell he’s a serial dater.
      But he will find another one for sure, he can’t stay alone for the rest of his life. I wonder if he has a kind of pressure because his next relationship will have to last longer xD

  • Eef

    They dated for 5 seconds. They probably weren’t even a couple as much as they were just going out and getting to know each other. No big deal.

    • Anastasis Beverhausen

      I totally agree. The media just blew it up.

  • Anastasis Beverhausen

    Why is Henry being held to a different standard? How many of you have dated a person for short time before deciding the chemistry just wasn’t there. This is not unusual and happens all the time. And he dated Gina Carana almost a year before they went their separate ways.

  • Carole

    I thought I read somewhere that he really likes her and hopes she reconsiders their relationship.

    I think the media scrutiny was on overload with Kaley taking the brunt of the negativity. Too much for a young relationship to overcome. Best to end it before someone got hurt.

    • Anna

      Well there was this blind item that suggested that Henry met Kaley through their PR teams,they talked and he was genuinely into her.They went out a couple dates and he wanted things to work out between them.BUT after Kaley saw the backlash she called him or her PR team (i don’t remember who) and called it quits.Poor Henry…Hollywood destroyed his first relationship post big break!

      • farila

        I don’t trust this PR story…

        He wanted to date her because he watches Big Bang Theory and she wanted to date him because…of some obvious reasons (c’mon, gorgeous, sexy, intelligent and he’s Superman! and english…) but he realized he did not like her so much and has decided to move on, that’s all…
        Then, Kaley has already seen numerous times horsing before. That’s not the first time she is photographed, but it’s the “first” time for Henry. He’s famous now, very famous.
        I don’t think any of them faked. Why for? Kaley is in love with Henry like all girls on this earth. No need to play something xD
        It just did not work out…

    • Gricelle Torres Figueroa

      and yet another one using the same damn excuse of the media!! You are so in DENIAL! First of all of FAR mome Famous celebrities have received plenty of backlash in who they choose as their mates and they have manage to make it. You’re dear “sweet” Kaley was all over him in those pictures and truth be told I NEVER bought the whole story of him being “into” her. He probably thought she was cute and wanted to date her for while, did so and then he moved on.

  • Whatever

    Well, he does seem to move from one woman to another. And his chemistry with Amy Adams was borderline uncomfortable in some of the interviews considering that she’s married and he was supposedly with Gina at the time. Another Leonardo DiCaprio or George Clooney in the making but what can we expect from Hollywood?

    • farila

      Which interviews? (and when?) It seems Gina and henry are not together anymore since May, but some say it’s since April. (actually, something went wrong after their trip to Japan) So, the interviews are not so uncomfortable…

      Anyway, she is not married, she has only a fiancee and a daugher.

      And yeah, they sometimes look kinda close.

  • jules

    What relationship?

  • Missy

    A “fling” doesn’t last for 10 months. Maybe 10 days. Henry is not to blame and neither is Kaley. It just didn’t work out. I can assure you of this… he SOOOO does not need her to further his career. I didn’t know who she was until he came into her life! People he is a movie star and she is a tv personality. Get a grip. They met. They dated. They decided it was not marriage material. Besides, who wants to be with someone that they don’t see a future with?

  • minnie

    Henry could stand to take more time between girlfriends,imo,and Kayle could have cooled her jets a little and not hit twitter at the speed of light,advertizing.(the pic of her drooling at the MOS poster)She could have kept her cool a little bit when they were at that market,and not practically jump his bones on the way in. (who was using who for publicity again??) IMO,I think it just didn’t work out,I think Henry,not Kayle,decided it wasn’t what he thought it would be,but I do think Kayle ushered in the media. Kayle was clearly over the moon with him. Also,long time friends/former boyfriend or not,who interferes like that, with someone else’s friendship,”prospective?” relationship? Nice if they want to remain friends,at this point what else could they be….besides lovers,there wasn’t enough time for them to be anything else.

  • A. Pierce

    Let me get this straight. Henry star of MOS, went on a whirlwind world tour to promote MOS. The film opened Huge. THEN a few wks later he start dating a tv actress for publicity? LOL LOL that ex boyfriend of hers is DELUSIONAL. First of all I never see cucoco get papped as much as when the rumors started way before we saw them together. Who was hanging all over him like a cheap suit walking to the Supermarket. Who was using whom? GIVE ME A BREAK.

    • Box-Office Report

      Man Of Steel was a financial and critical failure on historical levels of everything. A SUPERFLOP. What is this “opened huge” nonsense? Get real.

      • Marvelous

        hey arsehole, get your facts straight. MOS was a success.

      • Julia

        It was the highest-grossing superhero origin movie of all time. Reviews were split pretty evenly down the middle, but audiences loved it.

  • Maria

    agree….this is such a dumb story! The fact that their two week relationship
    was splashed all over the joint was ridiculous enough, but trying to explain
    why such a short lived romance fizzled out is equally baffling! It makes it
    reek even further as a PR stunt! Seems like to save the stars/agency some face
    they are trying to make it look even more legit by giving its demise some thorough
    narrative! Not that I know Henry personally, but ‘ladies man’? Shit, he was engaged
    and in a committed 3 year relationship not that long ago and because he was
    with one other chick previous, (also rumored to be a PR stunt…but that’s not
    relevant) he is a ‘ladies man’? What utter rubbish….considering the amount of
    guys Kaley has been linked with, I think it’s fairer to say she’s a ‘mans lady’,
    and flits from one relationship to the next! (In this ridiculous comparison
    mind you!) Seems to me they’re laying this spiel on Henry because he is pretty
    popular at the moment, and his profile can withstand the weathering. ‘Johnny Galecki’s concerns’ are hilarious though….I don’t think a
    celebrity with his own star on the rise
    - in movies….not a 2 bit comedy
    that is going down the gurgler – (which I say with much affection however; I am
    a BBT fan, but let’s be real, it’s drying up!) needs Kaley to boost his career
    possibilities. If anything, he definitely has more power without a female attachment
    at present. If there is any truth to this story, then she is the fool for it.
    He’s a talented actor….hopefully he will ride out this waste of space media

  • Ariadne

    Seriously…the whole thing is so stupis.

    First of all coming from Star Magazing the article can not be legitimate.

    And why blame Hnery?The guy kept it pivate and not once he made a public apperance or do anything to gain more publicity ever since the story surfaced.He shut his mouth.If he wanted to get more famous then we would have paparazzi photos of him all over LA.But no…he decided to go to Canada and not make fool of himself.

    Kaley,on the other,hand,i’m very dissapointed.She seemed to enjoy the paparazzi frenzy caused by the story.She even took on her twitter and instagram to talk about it or hint os it!

  • Anonymous

    With all due respect Henry does not need to use anyone for publicity. Least of all a tv actress especially when he is the star of one of the biggest movies of the summer and likely the year. I think Johnny was just jealous.

    • Mr0011011 .

      You say tv actress like it isn’t a big deal to be the lead actress in TV’s biggest comedy for the last few years. She is probably more well known than him.

      • Anonymous

        No way is Kaley better known than Henry right now.

      • Mr0011011 .

        Yeah, of the year. He has only got worldwide recognition in the last few months. Again, she is on the biggest comedy on TV. But you know, horny women will always defend the hot man.

      • Anonymous

        And you will apparently defend her so I have to assume the same about you that you do about me. And it doesn’t matter “biggest comedy on tv”. She is still just a tv actress and that does not compare to being an actor in the movies especially when your film is one of the biggest of the years. You defend her so well I am guessing your name is Johnny.

      • Mr0011011 .

        ZZZZZ. It’s like saying Paul Walker is more well known than Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc.

      • Mr0011011 .

        Oh, and 35,896,851 have so far seen Man of Steel. The BigBang Theory regularly gets 20 million veiwers ESTIMATED in America alone. Every week. For years.

      • Anonymous

        It’s on every week … Of course it’s been seen by more people overall. Your point is what exactly because that has nothing to do with anything. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

      • Mr0011011 .

        HAHA. “No way is Kaley better known than Henry” “Of course it’s been seen by more people overall.”Hence more people know of her. Fact remains that you just bashed for no reason at all. That doesn’t perpetuate a terrible stereotype at all.

      • Anonymous

        I did not bash her. I called her a tv actress which is exactly what she is and if you really think that us bashing then you have a lot to learn. And no that does not mean more people watch it overall. More people have seen this movie then watch her show in a given week especially when you consider it’s the same people who watch it every week and even though his movie is bound to have repeat customers more of them only see it once because no matter how much people like a movie most will only see it one time.

      • Mr0011011 .

        That logic makes no sense. Those 35 million watch Man of Steel includes people who watched it more than once. An rounded down estimate of 20 million people in the USA watch the BBT on a weekly basis, then add the millions in America that doesn’t include, and then the tens of millions around the world. You really suck at maths. The way you said “just a tv actress” is looking down on her. You have contradicted yourself a few times. And you totally underestimate comic book fans if you think they won’t see it several times.

      • farila

        Stop it!

        TBBT is maybe a famous show but impossible to know if Kaley is famous too because though she’s on this show, that does not mean everyone notice her.

        Henry has been in The Tudors and lots of others movies. Immortals, The Count of Monte Cristo, and MOS (of course). He’s famous now, and billion people have seen this movie; Re-watched or not, it’s still a lot of people. And you know, lots of people are speaking about Henry now, searching pieces of him everywhere on the web, watching his movies, commenting his private life :D, so yeaaahhh….He is really famous!! Not just a little comedy that not necessarily everybody watch.

        Nobody can say to you if Henry is more famous or not than Kaley. But on IMDB, and lots of other sites, he was the number one for days (or weeks). As far as we know, stars who are the main characters in movies are more popular than that one on tv shows.

        I’ve discovered TBBT existed only after knowing Henry… I may have heard about it before, but I did not feel the envy to watch it. I’ve watched it since, and I don’t think it’s funny at all. It’s boring…

        I use to google actors when I like their shows. That was not the case here…And Kaley played badly…

      • Mr0011011 .

        First of all, welcome to the internet. Clearly, you have followed his career, and are clearly bias. Why are women so quick to demand other women? No, a billion people have NOT watched Man of Steel. That is just fact. Just because he was in a movie, doesn’t mean everyone knows who he is. Do you see your flawed logic? BBT is the biggest comedy on TV, and not everyone has seen it? Yes. But in the very same and bigger extent, no where near everyone has seen MOS. Kaley is not a bad actress at all. You just said you don’t watch the show, how would you know? Do you know the facts? Roughly 35 million people have seen MOS, more people have seen TBBT. Fact. You never have to google film actors? Oh please. Clearly, you knew Henry Cavill before. As I stand, horny woman will defend the hot man, but chastise the woman. Maybe you just don’t understand TBBT, maybe you are full of jealousy? You are wrong about TV shows vs movies. They are different medium, but being in a movie does not make you more well known at all. BBT has been top for a few years, a summer flick isn’t the same. As I stand, are the cast of Friends less known than the cast of the new Star Trek movie? Incidentally, one of the Star Trek actors is known because of his role on Heroes – a TV show.

      • Shannon

        I have never even posted here but after reading your rants the last few days Mr0011011 I felt compelled to. You completely overreacted to what littleMissSunshine1 said. You need to relax. And for the record LittleMissSunshine1 and Farila I could not agree with what the both of you said more if I tried. Sorry mr, but as littlemisssunshine pointed out she is just a tv actress and even though her show is #1 that does not compare to Henry’s bankability right now.

      • farila

        Actually, it’s what I think too so I don’t think we can’t hear each other…
        Maybe you misunderstood me…
        I was saying that Henry has been in a movie viewed by lots of people around the world…
        But whatever. It’s obvious he’s more famous! (I think..)

      • Mr0011011 .

        Well, actually. I didn’t write anything bad. I simply commented. Welcome to the internet. I didn’t know money was all there was to it. But I see how it is. Just a TV actress. Yeah, don’t celebrate women in media, demean them. Well done. Set feminism back a few decades. The point was that she is known by more millions than those who watched Man of Steel. Facts are facts.

      • Shannon

        Did I say something about money? No I did not. Bankability was referring to his name recognition which right now is a lot bigger than Kaley’s. that was what I was saying. And sorry but yes those were rants. And nobody’s comments were demeaning to Kaley. You just took them the wrong way. I like her fine but the truth is right now her name is nowhere near as big as Henry Cavill’s is.

      • Sarah

        bravo shanon at least tou said something good cause Mr0011011 does not want to recognize than is not the same a tv show than a movie…and aparently he just see bbt,there are other shows better than that …..on tudors Henry was amazing

      • Phil

        You are just an armchair philosopher. Nothing more. I’ve never even heard of Courtney Cox, Lisa, Matthew Perry, or Matt LeBlanc. But I know Paul Walker is a badass. Welcome to the internet.

      • Mr0011011 .

        You have never heard of the cast of Friends? Really now? You missed 3 of them out, I see. You’re a fool if you think PW is more famous.

      • Sarah

        obviously causethe program still,but honestly you are a fan of her and bbt and is obvious you defend her…but here in my country nobody knows that program..better we see old program instead

      • Sarah

        jaja biggest comedy,in you country ,here in my country i dont know who is that Kaley…and of course i know who is he

  • poly

    lol i’ve seen only Kaley’s news lately (she’s alone, she&the horse,& hike alone)! wondering who really did use who?! drama drama drama!

    • Count

      Shut the fuck up

  • Theresa

    PLEASE!!! Do you ready think that Henry needed her for publicity? I never heard of her until she and Henry started dating. They were together for like what, couple of weeks? It didn’t work so he moved on. What’s wrong with that. People should stay out of his business. But I know that they won’t. They’ll continue to make up trash like this.

  • Mr0011011 .

    Some of you people are horrible. “HOT BLONDE WOMAN WENT OUT WITH OUR HOT MAN!! SHE MUST BE A BITCH!!!!”

    • Anonymous

      You really need to grow up.

      • Mr0011011 .

        Or maybe you do, and start to realise that you won’t have a shot.

      • Anonymous

        Says the person who started the whining and crying and the picking of fights. Get over yourself – no one cares.

      • Mr0011011 .

        LOL at your diatribe. You care way too much, which suggests that I was bang on point. You’ll never have him. And actually, you have replied to me.

      • Anonymous

        Okay really that has to be the dumbest remark you have made thus far. I’ll never have him? I never thought I would. And yes I know I did reply to you. I said that I did. After you went off the deep end replying to my initial post. Or are you that dense and did not realize that?

      • Mr0011011 .

        Are you still here? You continue to go on and on. Yes I know what the word diatribe means, duh. You seem to have just googled it, but do not understand it’s actual meaning and usage. Lengthy rants to the point of pointlessness, just filled with anger. Yep. LOL. Clearly psychology is lost on you, or you are just too dim witted to understand simple sentences. Just admit your hormones. There is a reason you decided to focus on her “just being a tv actress”, and not his serial dump and move. My original comment remains, there are many women on here quick to demean her, yet he is golden. Just saying.

    • Chris Tove

      She is NOT hot at all. Quite ugly actually.

      • Mr0011011 .

        lOL. OK then.

  • Panumat Kungsdahl

    I agree with everyone here.. Do you know what I Think? I Think that Henry saw that Kaley wasn´t as good as a woman for him so he dished her, and what did she do? She decided to make up stories and blaim Henry because she got dished.. That´s what I Believe.. I can see right away that Kaley is one of those celibrities (if she even consider herself as a celibrity) that is spoiled and childish. I bet she tricked him to break up with his earlier girlfriend, Gina, to be with her instead. She is one of those Girls who Think that she is so cute and Beautiful that every guy wants her, which is clearly NOT the case. When I first saw them on the news that they were dating I thought: Is Henry blind?? He can do so much better than that.. Anyhow, I´m glad that they have broke up cause I hate to see such a gentleman as him be with someone like her..

    • Mr0011011 .

      And this is what I mean. Where does it say that she made up the story? Where does it say that she sold the story? She hasn’t even been interviewed. But, SHE MUST be at fault right? She MUST be the childish one? It can’t possible be him that is is wrong? She is the slut, and she is the manipulative bitch? right? Ever thought that maybe they came to a mutual agreement? Maybe she even dumped him? Oh, but no. Pretty woman must only be a super-cow, because he is hot, and he can have anyone, but he is really nice and sweet, and squeaky clean. What do you mean “someone like her”? You don’t even know her. You are speculated completely. What has happened to feminism, that women are so willing to demean other women?

      • Panumat Kungsdahl

        LOL Have you read the messages here?? If everyone would read your message they would all say: YOU are just another jealous guy who tries to blame Henry because you´re are NOT as gorgous as him.. And you´re also jealous of him that another pretty girl like me take his part.. I mean, come on.. LOL You know how I look like.. Why don´t you put up a picture of YOU, and then I mean a REAL picture of you and then let´s see if you really have something to write about.. :)

      • Mr0011011 .

        HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! Have you looked in the mirror? You are so not as pretty as you think you are. And clearly have a horrid personality. Arrogance is not a very good quality. Everyone I know wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole. Can’t believe you actually said “You know how I look like”. You think you are some hot shot. LOOL. Anyway, I have nothing against Henry Cavill. He is a nice guy, with a good body, and he was a great Superman. I have a problem with people like you. You called Kaley Couco a “slut”, yet you don’t know her at all. You jumped to all sorts of conclusion about their private life, that you don’t’ know. You are a terrible woman. If you bothered to find out, he liked her for a long time before they met. Yet, you conclude that she persuaded him to dump another woman? Right. How did you come to that conclusion? Why did you? You are full of jealousy and lust and you look like a dog.

      • Panumat Kungsdahl

        Keep on writing the way you do I´m sure you´ll get many fans.. :) And by the way, where in my input did you see that I called her a “slut”? I don´t say Words like that.. Anyways, I´m not gonna waste my time on you cause clearly, you´re a psycho! But please, keep on herassing me cause in the end, you know that you´re the one who´s gonna lose and Always will.. We others are grownups here and that is something that you´ll never experience. I bet that now you´re gonna search for my name on Facebook or something and keep on herassing me cause you´re angry that someone like me, or anyone, can pull you down so easily.. The people here who wrote their oppinions just wanted to say what they Think about the whole thing, why did you have to go and herass them? But sure, if you reply this message by thinking that you´re winning by saying the last Word, you win. :) I at least dare to show who I am, but do you?? You know that if you put up a Picture of you here you would get a lot of enemies.. So I understand, you´re a coward. Many people love Henry cause we can see that he´s a good man, which is clearly something that you don´t know what it is. That´s all I have to say.

      • Mr0011011 .

        For someone who said they won’t “waste their time”, you wrote an awfully long reply. You REALLY like to assume and make up your own little story don’t you?

        “that is spoiled and childish. I bet she tricked him to break up with his earlier girlfriend, Gina, to be with her instead. She is one of those Girls who Think that she is so cute and Beautiful that every guy” How random and degrading is that? You don’t know any of that. A grown up looks at evidence and makes a reasonable judgment. You just fancy Henry Cavill, and that means that Kaley Coucou must be a horrible person to you.

        ” I bet that now you´re gonna search for my name on Facebook or something and keep on herassing me cause you´re so angry that someone like me, or anyone, can pull you down so easily..” Again, you like to assume. You can’t even spell HARASS, and don’t know how to use YOUR correctly.. Do you even know the meaning of the word harass? Have I done that? No. You are just assuming. Put me down? How exactly? By ignoring the valid points I have written, and just making up your own story?

  • Calamity

    This is a crock! Henry has declared he’s always been a monogamous man… Pretty sure it was the media attention that was the cause of the break up.

  • farila

    Since he does not date two women or more at the same time, it’s ok. :)
    Do they want to create a scandal? Fail.

  • Chris Tove

    Henry is the STUNNING one. The girls are too plain….and KC is so annoying.

    • Count

      Shut up ,she alot more pretty then u think.

  • Krypton Rod

    A known homo who’s long been out. The public knows Cavile is homo. These pretend hetero photocall relationships don’t help the situation. If Cavile doesn’t want to be real, then Cavile should just stay single for the photographers. It’s as plain and simple as that, really.

    • lucrecia

      blah blah he dated women (not famous women!) before MOS and continue doing the same after his huge famous moment after MOS. It’s not about publicity or trying to hide something, he’s not homo. If you think that is ok but before throwing poison at least give proofs and not only your dirty mind.