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Prince Charles Vows to Destry Camilla Parker Bowles

Posted by Adam

201341PRINCE Charles has declared war on wife Camilla Parker Bowles!

According to America’s Globe magazine, Camilla shockingly crumbled in public as Charles ramped things up in their $350 million divorce,  and chillingly threatened, “I will destroy you”.

“Camilla collapsed over all the nasty behind-the-scenes goings-on,” a source said.

Back in March, it was claimed the pair got into a furious row after Camilla insulted Charles’ dying mom, Queen Elizabeth.

“Camilla made drunken ugly remarks about Elizabeth,” a source said.

“Charles stormed out of the palace and fled to Switzerland.”

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  • Anonymous

    Prince Charles was a scumbag toward his first wife. Apparently, this leopard does not change its spots. Gotta love it, though: “You insulted my mother! I can’t take this abuse!! I’m off to Switzerland!!!” What a Royal Scumbag!