Justin Timberlake ‘Has Hair Plug Transplants’

Monday, October 21, 2013

"Runner Runner" World Premiere - ArrivalsJUSTIN Timberlake has had hair plug transplants!

The actor has always kept his hair cropped short, juggling various hats and caps to cover up his thinning locks.

“He’s been very self-conscious about his receding hairline – so a few months before he began shooting his new movie Runner Runner, he underwent a series of hair plug transplants,” a source said.

Meanwhile, Justin has reportedly been cheating on Jessica Biel.

The singer apparently kissed married Brazilian actress Thaila Ayala while in Rio de Janeiro for the Rock in Rio Festival in mid-September.

“Jessica flipped out… she’s afraid that Justin is incapable of controlling his impulses,” a source said.

“Jess is really worried. She wants to believe that he’ll be faithful, but it’s hard to tune out all the chatter suggesting otherwise.”


  • Depp Fanatic

    Those are old rumors and already confirmed by JT himself that they are not true.
    Go find you a better one.

    • Angela

      Justin himself? When / where?