Rebecca McBrain: Paul Walker Was The Real Love of Her Life: Source

Friday, December 6, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1337] REBECCA McBrain considers Paul Walker to be the love of her life — and she’s struggling to come to terms with the actor’s shock death, sources say.

Walker was killed in a car accident this past Saturday. He was 40. (We’ve got pictures of his charred body in the wreckage here.)

Rebecca McBrain dated Walker in 1998. The relationship ended soon after Meadow’s birth in 1999.

Meadow just celebrated her 15th birthday.

Although Paul and Rebecca weren’t together for long, they shared a strong bond because of their daughter.

“Rebecca has always loved Paul,” a source said. “And they shared an unbreakable bond because of Meadow.”

Walker’s last known girlfriend was named Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell.

Paul previously admitted that he cheated on McBrain.

“I knew where I was at with chicks and having fun. I mean, I was sleeping with her friends, for crying out loud,” he said.

“You know what I mean? I was an animal, and so I want to be there and my heart wants to be in it, but the mind just isn’t following it. I felt guilt, so I’d come around and do what I could do. What left me off the hook emotionally was at least I was providing financially, but emotionally I wasn’t there yet.

“When you have kids young that’s part of the game. I’m grateful I had her (daughter) at 25 and not 20 because, at 40 and 15, we’re matching up sweet! She’s been with her mom her whole life and she wants a relationship with her pops. It’s working out really well right now.”


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  • klepp0906

    lol imagine how bent she is to realize the meal ticket is gone out the window. Im going to go out on a limb and assume Paul didn’t have a will and the Walker family isn’t going to break off any meaningful amount of $$ to a little girl. Sucks? sure. But don’t expect us to believe you aren’t thinking it. Not only are you a woman but your her mother….. been there, done that (and without the 8 figure bank account) (maybe 9!)

  • klepp0906

    oh nm, I thought you were the mother of that teenie bopper he robbed the cradle with. He apparently was playing the field at the time of his death. (not surprising as a millionaire obv)
    It reminds me of the tiger woods debacle when the mistresses kept coming out the woodwork, like 2 a day sometimes lol.