Charlie Sheen Girlfriend Brett Rossi Hates Denise Richards

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Scary Movie V" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsCHARLIE Sheen‘s new girlfriend is turning him against ex-wife Denise Richards.

The actor divorced Denise more than eight years ago, and the pair seemed to have put their differences aside for the sake of their daughters, Sam and Lola.

However, Charlie recently declared war on the actress — and, according to RadarOnline, former porn star Brett Rossi is to blame.

Sources say Rossi became so jealous of the exes’ closeness, that she issued Sheen an ultimatum.

“Brett told Charlie she wanted to go out of town for Thanksgiving. At the last minute, Charlie scrapped his plans with Denise and their kids, with no explanation, and jetted off with Brett to Cabo,” a source said.

“Brett demanded Charlie cut off all contact with Denise even though they’ve been nothing more than friends for years.

“Charlie’s friends are upset and angry with him for allowing her to dictate who he can be friends with. His inner circle of pals on the payroll are on pins and needles, because they’re afraid that Brett might tell Charlie to get rid of them too!

“His friends just can’t believe that after everything Denise has done for him, from taking care of his twins, to telling Child Protective Services what a great dad he was in a letter she wrote, that he is now going on the warpath against her.

“It’s really stupid, and sad.

“Charlie is only hurting himself because Denise has always been in his corner, and a great friend to him. She has done nothing to deserve this.”


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