Heather Mills: "Stella McCartney tried to break up our marriage"

November 2, 2007 by dino

Heather Mills

Heather Mills, as we all know is the former wife of Sir Paul McCartney, but, the reasons for their break-up have been kept quietly under wraps – but now, Heather has revealed how she believes Paul’s fashion designer daughter, Stella McCartney tried to break up their marriage.

The 39-year-old former glamor model has accused step daughter Stella of having her claws out for her.

‘Every single week Stella tried to break up our marriage,’ Heather claims. ‘She was so jealous.

‘She wasn’t interested in her dad’s happiness. I can’t protect her any longer… she’s done some evil, evil things… we found out she scraped my face out a photo when they were in psychiatric session together.’

Heather, who has yet to reach a divorce agreement with the former Beatle, has been doing a series of interviews in America after her controversial appearance on Britain’s GMTV earlier this week.

She claims Paul is not protecting her from ‘a modern day stoning from a certain portion of the meda’.

The tabloid harassment, Heather claims, has made her want to take her feel ‘suicidal’.

‘I spoke to Paul… he knew I was suicidal,’ she told Extra, ‘and still no protection.’


  • Paul Saunders

    Gold Digger. Like a hooker … just smarter is very funny, but like everything else with Heather is only half the story. She was a hooker too in her youth.

    This woman is showing her true colours as a mentally disturbed paranoid lunatic. She blames everyone else but her self for her self created woes.

    She was the one who was going to sue all the news papers about allagations of her divorce. Days later Macca filed for a divorce.

    Everything she says is a lie. Shortly after those high kicks on Dancing with the Stars, she is seen in a wheelchair for her divorce hearings.

    This devil gets no sympathy from me!

  • Owen Williams

    Thanks, Paul – I can see myself using that picture for all my future Heather posts :-)

  • shati yasmin

    Heather Mills is a internally black porn artist she took advantage of paul when he was vanruable needed love and warmth. to my thinking she wakes every day checking her bank balance and how much she can dig out of pauls achivements, the money he worked hard for the years is going to her it makes me internally sick!

  • shati yasmin

    She is blaming stella for her marridge problems how low can she get oh yeah she’s there already, Stella is more of a woman than heather mills can imagine, heather why don’t do us all a favour and commit sucide hey