Justin Timberlake cheating on Jessica Biel?

January 27, 2008 by dino

Justin Timberlake and Jessica BielPop hunk Justin Timberlake’s romance with screen siren Jessica Biel could soon be on the rocks amid claims he’s been canoodling with a mystery brunette.

The Sexyback singer was apparently spotted making out with the beauty at club Tenjune, in New York City, on Saturday night.

According to one US website, multiple sources say the pair got it on while Timberlake’s actress girlfriend Biel, 25, was away filming her latest movie in the UK.

The fresh claims come just days after hard-partying Timberlake was rumoured to have been smooching with newly-divorced actress Kate Hudson at a Hollywood hotspot.

Gorgeous Biel is then said to have ordered her beau to visit her more often while she’s away filming.

The couple aren’t far off their first year anniversary – but the flurry of rumours suggest 2008 may see them heading to splitsville.

And it’ll no doubt cast a shadow over Grammy-nominee Timberlake’s 27th birthday celebrations later this week.

He joins the likes of Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole to face cheating allegations over the weekend.


  • http://www.msn.com Miss Maria Shoremaine

    I don’t really care who J.T goes out with I am not really bothered but I only writing to express the truth which is based on my opinion regarding this article. The reason why I voted no that J.T.(justin timberlake) and Jessica Biel relationship between them won’t last because first of all, it began has a whirlwind romance between them. As j.t. split up with is former girlfriend Cameron Diaz, he jumped straight into this relationship with Jessica without really growing into the relationship with her, which is not a good move at all for good steady relationship to last long, is no wonder why rumours are spreading that they could be splitting up because justin was caught flirting with other women at nightclubs while Jessica is out of sight in London uk working on a new film. Don’t get me wrong I don’t always believe everything that I always read especially regarding celebrities and their relationship, but any relationship that has ever started off as a whirlwind romance you know 90% of the time it will never last for a long period of time. Because anybody that falls in love that quickly with somebody without properly getting to know them properly just like j.t and Jessica, the fizz from that relationship is going to fizzle out so quickly just like a candle light flame is just about to burn out. I can see that Jessica and justin is heading in that direction. The novelty which Justin used to have for Jessica is wearing off or almost coming to an end. I could tell this is what’s happening here, especially when I saw recent photos of J.T and Jess when they met up in London just recently and when I look at them in the photos where they were in a car backseat while they being chaffuer around London, even though they looked lovey dovey because J.T was touching Jessica chin and looked like he was about to kiss her and Jessica looked like she was so happy to see Justin and when she closed her eyes expecting justin to kiss her which he must off after that picture, But as I look at that photo it really shows in justin face that he really don’t want to be with Jessica as much as she wants to be with him because she really in love with him. I see and sense the tell tale signs in J.T.face I can tell, he rather be in company of another attractive women who he finds more interesting than Jessica to hook up with. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just came to London uk not to really see Jessica because he misses her like crazy, but just to do the video for Madonna’s new single which I should think, it will be out real soon. All I see he’s doing from what I sense in the photograph he is only trying to act cool by being lovey dovey towards Jessica, just to make her believe that he has the same feelings for her just to make her feel happy and to make it look good for the papparatzzi because they follow celebrities at every move without a break. It’s only mather of time before J.T makes his feelings known to the public or the media, that him and Jessica is no longer item after they’ve being together for a year. This will definitely going to happen during this year of 2008 you just watch that space. To be perfectly honest with you, he be doing himself and Jessica a favour because what is the point of being in relationship or marriage when your not attracted or in love with your partner no more and at the same time justin he is sort of young to settle down in a serious relationship, even though he’s approaching 27 years old tommorow. 27 years of age is bit young for a young man to settle down in serious relationship, because a man of justin age don’t really mature in his mind for a serious relationship till when they hit their 30′s. That’s why you will find most men at justin age or age-group they do not want any serious relationship regarding serious commitment or if a girl they like is behaving to clingy to the guy of justin age, the guy just want to run a mile. That’s probably why guy’s of Justins age group will find it very hard to make proper commitments to their partner or to be faithful to their partner because I notice that guys at justin age just want to test the water before they jump in. That’s why they will flirt from one girl to another or have affairs behind the girlfriends back only unless if they are not single of course. They only calm down with their flirting till when they feel ready to settle down and start a family till when they maybe reach their 30′s. I think if Justin ever splits up with Jessica, I think he should stay single for a while, and don’t go into no more steady relationship for now till when he reach his 30′s because I think he just not really ready for a serious relationship just yet. He should just continue acting like a typical single 27 years old, just by, going out and having some fun and flirt with as many different girls as he can manage without any strings attached till when he reach his 30′s and then by then he be more mature and wiser enough with experience to know what kind of girl he will like to settle down with in the future. For Jessica there no future in it for her and Justin regarding their relationship I saw it was doomed from the start. Even though justin is fond of Jess but he his not in love with her as much as she’s in love with him and she will find that out very soon you mark my words! She (jessica) should start keep her options open for another guy to sweep her off her feet, I will say someone whose years older than her say between 5 or 10 years, who has more experience in relationship who really loves her only and truly and show their dedication to her, not by giving her commitment ring of any sort, but to show it from the heart to make it clear they want the same things what she wants which is steady commited relationship which involves trust, faithfulness, security and future marriage and children. At this moment she aint going to get those things from Justin, because he is not ready for those things just yet, which is what she is really looking for or what most women of her age group will be looking for in a serious relationship! For Cameron Diaz which is j.t former girlfriend, I wouldn’t be surprise if Justin ever split up with Jessica, she be waiting for justin with open arms to come back to her, despite that Justin is the one that broke up with her after 3 1/2 years together so he can be a single again. Because I can tell that she is still passionately in love with Justin because when I looked at j.t and Cameron Diaz pictured together last year in some photo’s that the paparatzee had taken of them last year when they where together in some countries to promote shrek 3 at the countries premier. You can tell the way Cameron is around J.T. she is so happy, flirty, excited and relaxed around him, just like when somebody is in love with a guy they have a crush on! That’s probably why she is finding it hard to move on from that relationship that she had with Justin, even though a lot rumours saying that she is not short of admirers since she split up with J.T. All I have to say to Cameron if she ever get to read this comment, let me give you some advice, if you hoping that Justin is going to come back to you or get back to you if he splits up with Jess, that is why you where texting and flirting with j.t. while he is going out with jess, let me tell you something Cameron you are waisting your time, because J.T. is not in love with you anymore just like is not with Jessica. Because if he was really in love with you and wanted you back, you have to ask these questions right, why did he split up with you in the first place after 3 years of being together, and remember you caught him flirting with Jessica last year at the golden globe awards while he was still going out with you, and when he dumped you, not long afterwards he started going out with Jess who you caught J.T flirted with, around about the same month as you and him break up. If J.T. wanted you Cameron he will would of finish with Jessica a long time ago and be reunited with you. Let me tell you something It’s time for you honey, to wipe the slate clean and move on and get yourself hooked up
    with someone new which is a guy who wants a serious commited relationship with you, which will lead to marriage and children as soon as possible, which is definitely what you really need right now. You should go out with a guy who is older and wiser or the same age group as you, who dedicated to you and wants a long term commited relationship with you only without any messing around. Because at the end of the day Cameron you no spring chicken, because before you know it you be 40 years old. Another five years on top of your age you will hit the big four zero and believe me darling those five years ain’t gonna take that long to come, because the years are flying by so quickly. So girl you better get your skates on, if you want to settle down and start a family, because you are coming of age really when your life should be heading in that direction by now. Cameron don’t take what I said in this comment to personally if your offended by what I said. I am only trying to be honest with you based on what I see, sense and to the best of my knowledge. I only trying to be cruel to be kind, I am only saying that, don’t hold your hopes on a life-time future with justin because it’s never going to happen, because if it was going to happen it would of happened a long time ago especially since you’ve been with him almost 4 years before you and him went your separate ways. Let me tell you one thing though before I now finish this comment, the truth can be hurtful it can make you or break you, it only depends how you deal with the truth. But one thing I have learn’t though over the years that truth will never change doesn’t matter how we can dress up the truth which way we want it to please our emotions, it will always remain the same. Because when it get’s exposed for what it really is, you realise the truth cannot be changed it will always be there staring right at us because it will never change. That’s why the Lord Jesus reveal to us about the truth in his Good Book the Holy Bible that the truth can be offense but it is no sin, and the Lord also say’s about the truth, that the truth will set us humans free. Anyway I am now going to finish this comment, I am not a fan of J.T. even though I admire him for his music and has a talented artist. If this article get posted on J.T Birthday, I wish justin timberlake a very happy 27th birthday and many happy prosperous returns. JT if you ever get to read my comment someway or somehow, I give you something to remember with these typical old saying these are the words, if you can’t be good, be very careful, God bless you and cheers!! Goodbye.

  • ash

    damn, your long ass rant about maturity and relationship hopping and the Bible…confusing babble. And you type like a 12 year old. Celebrities who get caught cheating deserve it; with all the damn cameras who follow them around, they ought to know better. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass about who Justin’s banging, or whether these cheating rumors are true, but if his girl forgives him and it becomes a habit in their relationship, then she’s a damn fool.

  • FifteenFifty

    Wow, it looks like somebody has spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time thinking about this. *head explodie*