Vanessa Hudgens 'furious' that Ali Lohan wants to star in High School Musical 3

March 6, 2008 by dino

Vanessa HudgensTeen actress Vanessa Hudgens is said to be worried that the presence of Lindsay Lohan’s 14-year-old sister Ali on-set of High School Musical 3 will cause unprecedented drama – and maybe even steal her thunder.

“When Vanessa heard that Ali was vying for a part in High School Musical 3, she flipped,” says an insider. “She knows Ali isn’t Lindsay, but she’s still weary of the drama the Lohan clan brings.”

High School Musical 3: Senior Year, is the follow-up to Disney Channel’s hugely successful High School Musical 2, and also stars Ashley Tisdale & Zac Efron.

Ali Lohan has previously spoken of her desire to be famous.

“I grew up watching Lindsay,” Ali Lohan told America’s Teen Vogue in its April issue. “It made me want to do what she does. Just the whole vibe. Being there, being on camera, or on-stage, with everybody listening to you … it’s so cool when people look up to you.

“I’ve already been asked for my autograph and it’s just a really good feeling to have.”

High School Musical 3 is due to be released in October this year.


  • TaraPink

    Leave Vanessa alone! I don’t think that Ali has the right attitude to showbiz- it should be about showing the world your talent not just attention grabbing. If Ali is serious about following a career in fame then i wish her all the best but i don’t think that High School Musical is right for her.
    p.s. Zanessa Forever

  • Sophie

    I hope Ali Lohan gets a part. Just to annoy Vanessa.

  • m

    Vannesa will be pissed if Ali gets it as it will take the attention off her, she will just have to get snapping and forward some more photos to the press just to keep that edge of the Lohan

  • http://zacefron suzy

    allo pourquoi tu at ah laisser vanessa pour nikkie

  • Maggie

    Lindsay Lohan is a bad influence on girls, while Vanessa just made one mistake. Unlike Vanessa, Lindsay drinks, and does drugs. Vanessa would never do a thing like that.

  • A Logical Person

    Hmmmm . . . This sounds about a real as the CosmoGirl made-up story. When did you interview Vanessa? Did you talk to her on the phone since she is in Texas? Oh . . . you didn’t know she’s in Texas? But, you quote an “insider” *cough cough* as saying Vanessa is furious. Hello!! We all know that “insider” or “inside source” means WE MADE THIS STORY UP.

    I’m sure this will surprise you, but Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens fans are not all little tweenies who believe everything that comes out of your venom-filled keyboards.

  • elaine

    ps zanessa forever

  • elaine

    i hope ali doesnt get de part im a big fan of vanessa anne hudgens

  • AdAItaly

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  • Vanessa Hudgens

    Thxs, all fans for you support! And am really sorry about those nude picturs, I hope I can take all my fans back!

  • Michelle

    O great, another stupid rumor….*rolls eyes*

  • jill

    hsm is gay

  • kelly

    i think that vanessa should grow up and get over it .. and i hope that ali gets a part i love her and linsay .. and whoever thinks zac is hot .. wow thats gross .. hes so ugly :)

  • cristina

    yo v iz so annoyong nd shes a sluty skank dat
    just wants 2 take naked pixs of herself!hhaaa