Kim Kardashian has a "girl crush" on Jennifer Lopez

March 11, 2008 by dino

Kim KardashianCurvy Kim Kardashian has revealed she has a “girl crush” on fellow hot-bot babe Jennifer Lopez.

But the TV beauty – nicknamed Kim Kard-ass-ian for her famous behind – still reckons she has a better butt than J.Lo.

Stunning Kim told of her secret passion for new mum J.Lo on a TV red carpet challenge which ended with her giving one lucky admirer a kiss.

Her skills tackling tricky questions on the red carpet were put to the test by fans posing as journalists on MTV show ‘Total Request Live’.

Asked who she has a girl crush on, Kim replied without any hesitation: “Jennifer Lopez.”

But quizzed on who has the best celebrity butt, she insisted: “Me.”

She also told how the rumor that upset her the most was that her red-hot rump is fake. Her dash down the red carpet finished with her agreeing to kiss a delighted fan.

Kim, who starred in a raunchy home sex video, said she is not prepared to strip off in her bid to make it as a movie star. She vowed: “No, no, no, no! I won’t”, and added her recent Playboy shoot was “really uncomfortable”.

Kim is set to host ‘WrestleMania’ with rapper Snoop Dogg and revealed she is a big grapple fan. She said: “When me and my sisters were young we were obsessed with Glow, the women’s wrestling.

“I heard they were doing ‘WrestleMania’ this year so I wanted to be involved.”