This one is difficult for us to believe, as we have been following the Rob and Blac “drama” now for a very long time with insiders.

Blac Chyna’s pit bull attorney Lisa Bloom is putting Rob on notice to stop leaking nudes and video of Blac, stay away from her and lose her number.

We really don’t know what to believe here, as we have been lied to about a million times about the relationship to promote other deals. So is this just some crap happening to promote all the sex tapes of Blac Chyna and those not released yet, possibly making her the next Kim Kardashain? <<< HAHA as if! We do know that the restraining order is the real deal as she announced the intent on social media:

Bloom, who has worked on several high-profile sexual harassment cases, told the Post that revenge porn is “an assertion of control and dominance,” and added, “It’s disgusting. It’s a very modern way of being misogynistic.”

“The main point of it is that even if Chyna sent him nude photos, if she didn’t want them posted publicly, the law protects her,” Bloom said.

However, like we said, take all this with a grain of salt, as we can almost guarantee there is some sort of ulterior motive in play. We are just not sure exactly what that play is yet. Our inside source of the Kardashian’s is telling is that the Blac and Rob fued is getting worse by the day.