California is about to join ranks with states like Colorado that have 100% legalized marijuana for rec use, and celebrities are celebrating!

We all know that pretty much everyone in California smoked bud, and now they are taking to social media in droves with pics of themselves firing up. For real just search the term in Twitter, to funny!

Annalists have looked into the benefits for the state after the legalization, and the numbers will blow your mind! Colorado income from legal pot is has been about 600 Million since 2014. California is set to generate over 1 Billion in less than 2 years in state revenue if the numbers hold up, which is a good thing because Cali is in some major debt.

Other states need to stand up, pay attention and take advantage of something that reminds many of prohibition back in the day.

Benefits that where mentioned in the vote was that marijuana has been proven to help people kick opioid addiction, (bad news from pharmaceutical companies) something that has been killing people worse than the plague.

Many states like Kansas have had their cities request legalization votes, only to be turned down and drowned in paperwork changes to delay past vote deadlines even though the people are voting for legalization in with their local cities.

Chris Joseph one of the states top NORML marijuana attorneys tells us: “There is a lot of money at stake here, all the arrest from people going to places where marijuana is legal (Colorado) and then coming back with their goodies is instant money. Think about it, the court gets money, the jails make money and the state can budget money for more federal money. The shift to being a legal state is a complicated one, especially scary for the Midwest.”