Paris Hilton’s little bro Conrad has been accused many time of stalking, and this last time where he was arrested for stalking his latest ex-girlfriend.

This all happened after Conrad stole Rick Saloman’s Bently, yes the same Rick that Paris Hilton made the infamous sex tapes with.

After stealing the Bentley, Conrad then tried to break into his ex’s home, an ex that already had a restraining order against him. Police showed up and took his rich as to jail.

Conrads lawyer has Robert Shapiro has said that his client will undergo a psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital, to try and figure out what screws are missing.

Rick and Kathy Hilton have struggled in recent years, trying to help their son, but the issues clearly can’t be solved by discipline. They have tried everything, including cutting off his financial support for a stint. At this point they are leaving Conrad in jail until he is released to the mental evaluation.

Many in the phys field are claiming that when a young man has always gotten everything he wants, it is hard to come back to reality, that in fact you can not have everything you want just because you are worth a bazillion dollars.