In a case that seems to be in every news outlet around the world. The $100M lawsuit brought on by Hulk Hogan against entertainment media outlet Gawker for leaking a private sex tape of Hogan that was filmed without his knowledge has been a juggernaut of a case. Let’s face it though, Gawker has been under fire more than once for it’s at times complete BS reporting. It has been proven time and time again that some reporters in the organization are specifically reporting and linking for friends in the business or their own special interests without any thought about reporting legit news and more about making that dollar bill ya’ll. Most recently Milo Yiannopoulos wrote a great read on the companies top 10 most heinously unpleasant Gawker writers.

ShowbizSpy was able to land an exclusive interview with a trusted spy (ex-employee) that contacted us about the current Hulk Hogan sex tape news and here is what he had to say about how everything played out with the tape inside the Gawker organization: “They knew damn well what they were doing without a doubt, it was the big thing being talked about in the offices. Nick (Founder – Nick Denton) said to the team that “we will probably get our asses sued off but with all the media attention and traffic this will generate I am willing to risk it, so let’s go ahead and go with it… just make sure to put the video on a different server so our site can not be taken down via any ignored DMCA request.” He knew what he was doing and posting the tape was going to cause a lawsuit but did not care because he believed the press, good or bad, would make Gawker a stronger outlet.”

Now, let us explain how the celeb sex tape biz works and celebrities legal rights online… In the event a celebrity sex tape leaks to the web whether it be on purpose (95% of the time) or accident (the other 5%) the celebrities first legal option is to file a DMCA claim to have the content removed by notifying the infringing site and/or sites hosting company. The website in question then has a certain period of time to remove the content or file a counter claim, usually within 24-48hrs. If the site does not respond or remove the infringing content the host can at their discretion take the content or entire site down until they are satisfied that the US law has been followed by the website. Now, the way that sites get away with providing access to watch copyrighted or claimed material of any kind is to simply host the files in question on servers in countries that do not play well with the DMCA laws, like Russia and the Ukraine as the hosts in those areas do not have to follow the US copyright laws. That is why millions of websites members area that host videos and pictures are normally located outside of the United States so that even if there is a chance of a DMCA they do not risk their main website.

So as you can see from the employee comments he is saying that Nick Denton followed the playbook on posting the content perfectly and protected his main Gawker site by hosting the video outside of the US on purpose. Nick though has been adamant that they did the right thing by posting the video and that it was their right, very news worthy and should be protected by the first amendment.

Here is some updated video about the court room proceedings:

What do you think? Do you think that Gawker should have to pay or do you think Hulk Hogan should just suck it up like all the other celebs do?

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