Oh boy, here we go, Heather Cole that is the woman in the Hulk Hogan sex tape video that can be watched here and was said to be filmed by her now ex-husband Clem ‘Bubba the Love Sponge’ was quoted in court under oath stating: “I Didn’t Know I Was Being Recorded”. This statement though conflicts with the tape itself as in the un-edited video you can see/hear where Bubba after the Hulk is gone says “You know how many people out there would pay millions for this tape” while Heather was still in the room (this was also confirmed by Gawker themselves at the very beginning of all this). So tell us again… you had no idea you where being recorded?! Under federal law perjury can carry a prison sentence of up to 5 years… you want to change your testimony by any chance?! She then goes on to say: “I didn’t want this to be anything. I wanted it to go away. I was so embarrassed and ashamed.”

There is also the little problem that last year she told Tampa police: “Clem insisted on it being videoed, and he (Hulk Hogan) had no idea it was being filmed.” If you don’t believe us look up the documents! [UPDATE] – The New York Post has just confirmed the documents we mention are legit. Not really sure why they say it is an exclusive when we posted the info in the morning 3/17/16 and they posted at 10:45pm the same day. Oh well, either way, there ya have it.

This entire court process is complete bull s**t as we previously reported that Gawker knew what they were doing when they posted the edited version of the video and the only person that really did not know what was going on was Hulk Hogan himself.

Heather acting all innocent and crying in court was nothing but good acting in our opinion. It is a well known fact that Heather had sex with several of Bubba’s friends as they where an outspoken elite swinger couple which we know in Hollywood is a very large group of wealthy couples.

Gawker’s lawyers tried to get Heather’s ex Clem to testify, but he exercised his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination Wednesday and won’t be taking the stand under protection. The FBI was told by Cole at one point during the investigation that Hogan and everyone there knew the sexual encounter was being filmed. Gawker had also wanted to question Clem about whether he conspired with Hogan or his at the time wife to release the sex tape.

We can tell you with 100% confidence that Hulk Hogan had no idea he was being filmed but Heather and her at the time husband Clem knew damn well what they were doing.

We do though hope that Gawker wins this case as if you are a public figure and do some dirt it should be the right of the media to show a side that you do not show to the public and comes with the territory of being famous.

Listen to Heather’s testimony and her perjury in action: