Uh Oh, seems as though those close to Johnny Depp have been caught with their hands in the unlimited Depp cash cookie jar!

Here is how it all went down… Johnny is saying that his previous law firm Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman, LLP worked in-cahoots with his financial managers at TMG that took him for over $40M. Claiming that working together they would take out large loans against his residual income without his knowledge or signature, and then charge Depp for work that had nothing to do with him.

There sounds like there was a ton of money moving around, and there may even be some charges filed against some of the crew responsible for trying to protect Depp, a job that Depp has paid 10’s of millions in fee’s for.

Now this wont hurt the actor at all, hell the man is worth over $200M and has made close to $1B. However with expenses of little things like $30k for wine per month, he needs to keep those in charge of his residuals in check.

TMG has said that since the actor has been with them, they have made him over $600M, and this is nothing more than a man that spends money like water being paranoid.

I don’t know, if I had that kind of money, and people were trying to screw me out of my money on a daily basis, I may wounder and be a little suspect of what the hell is going on with my finances as well.