Last week a video of Katt Williams involved in a fight went viral. This week, Williams was arrested for disorderly conduct in that fight. The video showed Williams punching 17-year-old Luke Walsh. Walsh, the clear winner of the fight was also charged with disorderly conduct. Williams was arrested Wednesday and originally held without bond. After going in front of a judge he was released on $500 bond Thursday afternoon. Williams got chastised from the judge. We’ll see if he takes the advice.

Following is a brief look at what’s been going on with Williams in the past few years.
– Arrested at LAX after stolen gun found in his briefcase
– Arrested while working on a film in Georgia, accused of stealing coins and jewelry; charged with burglary and criminal trespass
– Arrested in alleged assault of a tractor driver
– Lawsuit filed for allegedly hitting his former assistant with a closed fist
– Lawsuit filed by concert attendees for a show in Oakland where Williams put on a “nonperformance.”
– Arrested in Seattle in a bar dispute
– Arrested in California on a bench warrant from incident where he drove a 3-wheeler on a sidewalk and refused to stop for police
– Arrested on child endangerment charges
– Arrested for failing to appear on 3-wheeler charges
– Arrested with Suge Knight for theft
– Accused of holding five women at gunpoint and stealing their phones
– Arrested in Georgia after pool store clerk said Williams hit him
– Suspect in assault case in LA where he allegedly struck “rappers” who were making fun of his height. Williams claims he struck back in self-defense.
– Accused of holding a bodyguard hostage in Georgia
– Arrested when cops found week and firearms while serving search warrant about bodyguard incident. Booked for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment, drug and weapons charges.
– Lawsuit filed in LA by Jamila Majesty for attack in Williams’ home
– *NEW* Arrested for disorderly conduct in fight with 17-year-old Luke Walsh. Released on $500 bond.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on this story and provide updates if any arrests are made. You can catch Williams on his “Conspiracy Theory” tour now through September in select cities. Details can be found on his official website.