As we all know by now Nelly was arrested on Saturday morning for rape accusations, after a woman claimed Nelly forced her to have sex with him on his tour bus at 3am after a show.

Well Nelly has now been bailed out and is claiming via social media and interviews that the woman is full of shit.

Nelly and his attorneys also put together a comment for the media “We are beyond shocked at the ‘false allegation’ and we are confident that Nelly will be exonerated once the facts are in. Nelly is claiming that he’s been targeted by the accuser, but apologized to his loved ones for the embarrassment and for putting himself in a bad situation. He also vows to take legal action against the “defaming claim” and reaffirms he’s not been charged with a crime yet.”

I am not sure about you guys, but a woman on a rappers tour bus at 3am in the morning? Sounds a bit fishy to us. We reached out to one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the Midwest, and are being told that in a case like this Nelly needs to really focus on the facts of the case, and show previous behaviors of the accuser if at all possible among other things.

Nelly has canceled his upcoming shows for the time being.

Either way if this accuser is looking for a payday, this will be one of the hardest paydays ever, as she is about to have her entire life put on blast.