The man that has been secretly paying Hulk Hogans legal bills, in the famous battle against Gawker for leaking the Hulk Hogan sex tape videos, has officially been announced as non other, than Billionaire Peter Thiel.

Forbes reported yesterday that Thiel, had played a “lead role” in financing Hogan’s litigation fee’s, because Hogan could not afford to continue the lawsuit himself against Gawker.

According to sources, Thiel contacted Hogan whose real name is “Terry Gene Bollea” and offered to help the wrestler with his legal fee’s. Now, you may ask why in the hell would Peter do this? Well, funny thing… Co-founder of Paypal Mr Thiel had his own problems with Gawker, when in 2007 they published a nasty article headlined: “Peter Thiel is totally gay, people.”

Even though the news of Peter was in fact true (he is gay), the announcement timing and way the news was released really pissed off the billionaire. The last thing you ever want to do is piss of a multi-billionaire.

Most of the time, individuals will help fund lawsuits they believe that they can profit from, however Thiel said he does not want or need any of his money back.

So far the Hogan crew has been awarded around $150M in damages, that would put Gawker in bankruptcy court if their appeals do not hold up. Ouch, looks like Peter got his vengeance against Gawker in a big way!