Snaplight Says The Lawsuit Against Kim Kardashian and LuMee is Still On!

If you have not heard yet, there is a nasty lawsuit going on in the Kim Kardashian marketing powerhouse with LuMee.

Kim has been the spoksperson for LuMee’s lighted phone case, that supposedly helps with lighting your selfies. Only problem is that a company called Snaplight had the same idea in 2013 with a patent at the United States governments patent office.

What’s even crazier is just to be a douche bag LuMee with never ending money still tried to sue Snaplight in 2016 on a patent they got a few years later, that according to documents is a VERY similar concept.

Now Snaplight is saying they will not take all of this abuse laying down, as Kim has killed their sales of a product they had a patent on first.

Kim was called out by Snaplight, however she is claiming that it is just her job to promote the LuMee product. A job she does very well, selling 100 to 1.

No idea if this little sucker is any good at lighting a dark room for a sex tape, but I am sure we will find out very soon.