We truly feel for Tiger Woods, as he has now been charged with DUI by local authorities in Florida after he was pulled over south of Indian Creek Parkway, only about 10min from his home in Jupitor, FL.

The police said that Tiger had someone with him that mentioned he was on the sleeping pill Ambien and the painkiller Vicodin that contains Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen.

According to the woman with Woods at the time of his arrest, she claimed Tiger had been drinking earlier in the day/evening, but that the mixture of his pain meds and sleeping pill is what was making him appear drunk.

This has been the first time Woods has run into trouble off the golf course ever since he plowed his SUV into a tree and a fire hydrant outside his Windermere, Florida, home in the early morning after Thanksgiving in 2009, which led to revelations that he had multiple extramarital affairs. He also admitted to being blackmailed with sex tapes and ended up “taking care” of those within his organization.

Woods has not been seen at a golf tournament since he opened with a 77 at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic in February, withdrawing the next day because of “back spasms”. He was in Los Angeles for the Genesis Open, run by his Tiger Woods Foundation, but he did not come to the course at Riviera because of his back.

Many players in the PGA are claiming that the issue is not his game, but rather his mental state of “Always having to be at the top”. And in today’s long hitting talent, that is just not possible anymore.

We tried to contact Tigers rep, however they are not saying a word to anyone at this moment. We do know from our own top Kansas DUI attorneys, from past celebrity DUI cases and the money backing Tiger in the court of law, we are going to bet on he gets out of this pickle no problem.

Will we ever see Tiger play in the PGA again? That is doubtful, our money is on the business of golf for Woods in the future.