The stigma around being a stripper is normally a negative one involving prostitution and drugs. However, did you know there is even more cases of women and men swinging on the pole or taking their clothes off to just live, and are not involved in the drugs and prostitution.

Here is a list of some famous celebs that in the past have stripped for several different reasons that may surprise you, and then either during or after they became famous stared in “leaked” sex tape videos.

#1 Brad Pitt
Yup, Brad Pitt was in a dance crew of naked men that would dance for girls parties. Brad: “Hey we did it because it was fun, we made good money and got to mingle with tons of girls. We were just young having fun.” Brad also made some sex tape videos of his own even after becoming famous with non other than Jennifer Aniston, and there is also video of Brad said to be with Christina Applegate whome he dated in the 80’s.


#2 Cameron Diaz
Cameron has not only stripped she also dabbled in nude photography when she was a struggling actress. Cameron: “I did some things in the past that helped get me where I am today, am I regretful, hell no.” There is also some very soft core porn sex videos of Cameron that have made rounds, featuring the mega celeb in a bit of bondage video while pleasuring the professional pphotographer.


#3 Courtney Love
Courtney was an exotic dancer before she ever got into the rock-n-roll scene and actually met Kurt Cobain through a friend that used to dance with her. Courtney: “I would say it sucked but really it didn’t, it was some of the best times of my life, I was wild and free. Hell we used money that I made at the club to buy a van for the band to get around in and play the gigs.” Courtney has also confirmed with pride about her sex tapes made during and after her stripper days.


#4 Sylvester Stallone
Bet you didn’t see this one coming… Before he was Rocky, Rambo or Cobra he was a struggling actor that hardly had money to eat at night half the time. How did he get by, yup he not only stripped but also stared in some naughty home sex tape videos. Sylvester: “There was nights I would not eat as I had absolutely no money when I was younger. I remember staying with different girls just so that I would have a roof over my head.”


#5 Amber Rose
We bet you already knew this one as Amber is in the news with Kim Kardashian it seems like on a daily basis. Amber: “I am not ashamed of what I did and would still do if I needed to, I was not a slut or a druggy, I danced exotically and men paid me for it. I see nothing wrong here, I bet you would do it if you could.” Amber has also went on record stating that she does in fact have several sex tapes out there, including some with Kanye West, that are said to include anal play with Kanye. Though Kanye denies, letting Amber near his butt hole. Yeah right. LOL


#6 Tila Tequila
Tila is known as a party girl but before she was in the news and made any videos for Vivid she was stripping in a club down in Texas. Most recently she has gone on GoFundMe asking for money to buy furniture and the comments on her account are telling her to go back to work in the strip club. That seems like a good idea. Tila: “I would go back, belive me I would but with my kids it would be almost impossible to do.” Tila also hooked up several sex tapes of her own, both professional and amateur.


#7 Channing Tatum
Again, being a young broke actor trying to make it in Hollywood sucks and Channing turned to the one thing he says he had going for him, his banging body. Channing: “I am not embarresed at all, it was cool, I did not do that well but maybe got $50-150 per night. But hey, I am where I am now because I did everything I could to stay and continue to try to make it. No regrets”


#8 Katherine Zeta Jones
This one was a little hard to believe until we found the info in several authority sources including Wiki and the New York Times. Apparently Katherine stripped her way to a few plastic surgery procedures and then the roles started rolling in. We were unable to get a quote from her and the PR firm that represents her never got back to us. Come on give us a quote! LOL


#9 Jewel
During the time that Jewel was writing and singing she was also working for a manager that was a complete prick that fired her for not sleeping with him after he propositioned her and she declined. Jewel: “I all of a sudden had no job and no place to stay, I was completely homeless so I did what I had to do for a short time and it got me by.” During her hard times, Jewel was said to have made some soft porn sex tapes so that she could eat, though we have never been able to find any proof of the videos.


#10 Daniel Craig
007 James Bond err Daniel was so broke before he became famous that he was sleeping on park benches in London and tried to make it anyway he could. “A lot of people I knew where stealing but I was not down with that so yeah I had a few stripping gigs and also posed nude for a few photographers. The way I look at it is… life can be hard at times the question is how will you overcome and prevail.” Well said!


Now, after seeing all of these different celebs (we only gave a small example, there was many more) that have had to strip to make it in life. Next time you go to a “strip club” don’t be a douche and have some respect, because you never know… the person you are looking at may some day become a mega celeb and shortly there after make a sex tape, and be the next Kim Kardashian! LOL

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