Well, this sucks… Avatar 2 executives at FOX have just confirmed that they are pushing out the release for the second time and no new date has been released. This is big ugly news to fans as just this last summer FOX CEO Jim Gianopulos said: “Everything is on track and looks to be ready, though that can of course change at the discretion of director James Cameron and any unforeseen issues that may arise.”

According to our spy’s that have the inside information in the studio: “The push back was agreed between execs at a private meeting discussing the conflict with the release of the new Star Wars that is set to go at the same time (Dec 2017).”

Since the 2009 original blockbuster James Cameron who we all know is a perfectionist has said that he wants to complete the entire trilogy at the same time filming in New Zealand with Lightstorm Entertainment.

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana have both been stopped and questioned about the film now several times, however our spy’s have not been able to get anything out of them other than the filming is like they have never done before. Sam was quoted: “I have never seen anything like it, every single second of this film is gone over with a fine tooth comb.”

There is also according to reports some very wicked technical scenes done under water saying that is the reason for the delay. Though we tend to trust our spy about the confliction with Disney’s Star Wars.