Batman VS Superman: Dawn Of Justice Breaks Weekend Box Office Records Despite Poor Critic Reviews

As we previously reported the special New York premiere viewing had positive reviews from those that watched the film, but two days later the professional critics had nothing but bad things to say about the film.

Well, all those negative reviews mean nothing according to the most recent box office records that came out today, showing yet again that professional critic reviews mean absolutely nothing on how a film will do in theaters.

The DC Comics movie, which stars Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman, broke multiple box office records. The film now lays claim to having the largest March opening of all time, the biggest Easter weekend opening, and the biggest pre-summer opening day and weekend and Warner Bros.’s highest-debut ever at just over $170.1 million in ticket sales this weekend.

Personally we watched the film and agree with the critics that the story line was all over the place, took a bit to long, and was only setting up for more of a Justice League franchise. Those who do not follow the DC Comics characters were said to be completely lost during the film.

Either way though the film still broke the records, so there ya go. All we know is that managements choice that agreed to push up the film and not compete the same weekend of X-Men was a very smart move. As X-Men: Civil War from what we have been hearing is a movie that will break every box office record to date when it releases May 6th guaranteed.