Ok, those who have followed the possibility of a Beetlejuice part 2 becoming the real deal, probably remember our post after getting inside information about a script already in hand, and the go ahead from all previous actors/actresses.

As you can see from our previous story, there is denial and then the studio and reps being caught in lies.

Fast forward to now and reports are coming in from what is considered popular sources like Deadline reporting that yes in fact the movie is a go, but they are working on a new script… wait what?! We thought Tim Burton and crew already said they had scripts in the works, and basically ready to go? Even telling the public that on video interviews with Tim and Winona. Not to mention the video of Keaton leaving a meeting with executive and telling TMZ that they are real close to making it happen again. WTF?

There is so much conspiracy behind Beetlejuice 2 it feels like a presidential race!

Anyways, on to our newest conspiracy… Deadline is reporting that the studio has just hired writer Mike Vukadinovich to put together a new draft of the Beetlejuice 2 script. Burton and Keaton aren’t officially attached yet (and neither are Ryder, Davis, and Alec Baldwin, for that matter), but Deadline believes they’re all still eager to jump back into this weird world.

We have so much proof that the studio has been ready for part 2 for a very long time, we have no idea why the studio is now hiring another writer, looking to produce a new script. WTF is going on over there?!

Let’s just make this shit happen already!!!!!