Big Ang Cancer Treatment Not Working Now Going To Try Cannabis As Last Resort

Sad days for Mob Wives Big Ang as her treatment for cancer at the medical center is not having any effect. In fact those close to her are saying: “Her tumors have only gotten worse”. Ang has been fighting lung and brain cancer now for sometime and at one point thought she had the disease beat down. However things have turned for the worse and the family has decided to try a more un-conventional approach to help with the pain and hopefully healing in cannabis.

Janine has said: “I am not sure how much more time she has. She is in constant pain and we are hoping that instead of taking like a thousand pills a day the cannabis will help possibly shrink the tumors and dull the pain. We even reached out to Tommy Chong for some guidance as he has been dealing with the same type of issue though not as severe. We are just hoping for the best for our friend.”

Showbiz Spy reached out and was able to get the following comment from Big Ang: “I am going to fight this bull s$%t to the bitter end. I am in a lot of pain right now and I am hoping some of the alternate methods help me. I am just really tired and weak all the time, it just sucks.” We love you Big Ang and really hope that the cannabis treatment helps.

Big Ang support has been set up on GoFundMe to help with he expenses of her medical cost that you can donate to here.

Here is some good clips of Big Ang doing her thing:

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