As we reported previously, there has been a ton of talk within’ the Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian relationship about infidelity, and the possibility that the pregnancy may not have been from the Kardashian man seed.

There is of course still problems in the relationship, well, actually they have not really even spoke with each other in some time, only when required to.

Even though this was the case, on the most recent episode of ‘Rob & Chyna’, Chyna was the one wanting to get the paternity test to prove all the rumors of her cheating on Rob where not true. Only thing is the test proves nothing more than the seed that got her pregnant was in fact from Rob, unfortunately there is no test on the planet that can tell you whether or not someone has cheated on you. Could you imagine!

According to GossipCop, one of our favorite and must trusted sources:
A doctor came over to administer the test by taking a blood sample from Chyna and saliva sample from Rob that would then be sent out to a lab. Rob next met with his therapist for the first time and opened up him and Chyna “always being at each other’s throats,” even though they love each other. The doctor explained the two needed to get to a place where they accepted each other for who they are, and also need to improve their communication with one another. Rob later spoke with Chyna about what had been discussed in therapy, and the two agreed to start being more honest with each other.

Rob also opened up to his mom about having distanced himself from his family for many years, and told her he wanted to get everyone together. “Family is important,” he told her. “I was just thinking we should definitely get a little family dinner here because I feel like I haven’t attended one of those in years.” He added, “I think it’s important that we all get together.” Kris loved the idea, and assured her son, “I’ll have this organized in about 30 minutes.” The entire family, including all of the Kardashian sisters, later came over for a big dinner, and Rob told everyone he wanted to start spending time with them more often.

Later, Rob and Chyna got the results of the paternity test back in the mail. Rob admitted in a confessional he was nervous, but would “never in a million years think the baby is someone else’s.” However, he was still eager to be 100 percent certain. Chyna took a beat before reading the results, and when Rob shouted, “What is it?!” she exclaimed, “Robert Kardashian, you are the father!”

Whether or not the test changes anything about the relationship and Rob Kardashian pissed off about Blac’s past sexcapades is still up in the air, but it can’t hurt the cause. There is also the entire issue with the rumors that Blac is saying she has some sex tape videos with some very high power celebs, so she may try to go the way of Kim K.

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