Bruce Willis And Eli Roth Team Up To Take On Death Wish Remake

The original movie who starred action icon Charles Bronson as the reluctant hero Paul Kersey in the 1974 classic is now being rebooted.  But since it’s starring Bruce Willis and helmed by Eli Roth this should be a complete bad ass of a movie.  Charles Bronson in the original went on to make 5 Death Wish Movies from 1974 to 1994 . . . and we can’t thank him enough for all of them.die-hard-remake

The obvious exciting thing about the remake is, of course, Bruce Willis.  The 61 year old actor who is the same age as Charles Bronson in Death Wish 2 is already an incredible action star with movies like the Die Hard series.  His take on this reboot will no doubt be nothing short of epic.


Eli Roth though is a bit of a surprise choice as the director.  Talented director in his own right with Hostel part 1 and 2 and Green Inferno.  He’s obviously known more for the horror genre than as an action director.  But Death Wish is a bit of a horror tale too.  I mean it’s pretty horrific the events that lead the main character into becoming the beloved vigilante that we all know and love from the silver screen.

The remake is a project of MGM and Paramount who originally had “Big Bad Wolves” directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado signed on to direct but dropped out in May due to creative differences.  Apparently Bruce Willis signed off on the script that the duo wanted changes to but the studios wouldn’t allow it.  The script is written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski.

So until the remake comes out you can keep yourself busy with the original trailers of each of the cult classics here


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