Reps for Chevy Chase have confirmed the actor has checked himself into rehab again for alcoholism issues, at Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota.

Chevy has been a recovering alcoholic since the 80’s in a continuous fight with the disease. He has also had battles with harder drugs like cocaine and prescription drugs… especially in the 70’s. Saying: “It is what we did, we felt like downing a few lines and taking a few shots, well that was just all about part of the fun. Only later did I realize that all that partying and having “fun” had caused a problem with myself and my relationships.”

His rep told Showbiz Spy that: “Chevy felt the need to “tune up” his treatment of alcohol abuse as he has felt that it was becoming a problem again and realized he was going down a path he did not want to continue down. He has made the first step in addiction and that is admitting his problem. He will continue treatment until he feels he is 100% ready to move forward.”

Chevy who is 72 years old now has recently completed The Christmas Apprentice set to hit theaters this Christmas 2016, and started filming Dog Years with Burt Reynolds that will be completed very soon.

Daily Mail has also double confirmed that he is currently in the treatment center:

We have tried to contact Chevy in his rehab facility, but as expected there is no way to get in touch with him… He is also not answering his cell phone that we have for him. It was probably taken from him, as that is the rule in most treatment centers.

Much love Chevy, get better brother!