Cuba Gooding Jr. Parties In Miami’s Popular Club LIV “Show Me the Mol-ly!”

Sorry, we had to tie that headline into the most famous lines Cuba Gooding Jr. has uttered in a movie. Honestly, it would’ve been a shame to not go for the pun. While no one knows for sure what Cuba Gooding Jr. was on this weekend it’s safe to say he had a good time partying according to The Source.

Video has surfaced of Cuba Gooding Jr. dancing while being videoed by “adoring fans.” At one point he takes one club goers phone and puts it in his mouth. “OMG, ewww (Jimmy Fallon voice)!”
Side note: A cell phone has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom, just an fyi for ya.

Gooding has recently revived his career by playing OJ Simpson in “The People vs OJ Simpson” mini-series on FX. He was in Miami this weekend for business meetings and pleasure.

According to Page Six “He was running around telling people how he and his wife are separated [and] how she was his high-school sweetheart. He was a mess,” said a spy.

Twitter also blew up about the Gooding Jr. news with all kinds of funny tweets:

Seems someone may have had a little to much to drink.