Daredevil ‘dares’ Batman v Superman . . . Again

March 25th, 2016 will be an interesting day in the world of comic book movies.  Diehard fans all know by now that Netflix’s Daredevil  season two premiers on the same day that DC’s Batman v Superman hits theaters.  No one in their right mind sees this as a mere coincidence.  DC and Marvel have been playing one up’s-man for sometime now.  After DC announced Batman v Superman release date would be May 26th, 2016, Marvel announced the same date for the release of Captain America: Civil War.  So when DC changed the release date by bumping it up five weeks, what did Marvel do?  They simply just released their Daredevil on same said day.

Showbiz Spy reached out to both Marvel and DC but only Marvel got back with us “We are concentrating on putting out the best product for our customers and do not concern ourselves with what anyone else is doing”.  That’s Hollywood speak for don’t watch their film watch our film.

The fact that both studios are bringing high powered properties to each of their films is no coincidence.  Arguably Batman v Superman is the most anticipated movie of the year.  So it does make sense that Marvel would not want to be undone by their main rival.  By adding the Punisher and Electra to their franchise only makes things that much juicier.  By putting Daredevil against Batman v Superman Marvel is hedging their bet to make sure BvS does not become the number one movie of the year.  Hopefully allowing their own Captain America: Civil War movie to take the top spot.  Instead of having to go out and spend money on a two and half hour movie the alternative is now you can stay home and watch nine hours of your favorite blind superhero for free with Netflix. But if you are anything like the rest of us . . . You are going to see them both.  March 25th – best weekend so far this year

Just to keep things excitable here is an unrelated video of another comic book movie hitting theaters in 2016

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