No one is questioning that Shia LaBeouf has acted a bit crazy in the past, there is no doubt about that. Only now the Disney actor is saying that alcohol was the cause of his craziness, and he now has that under control.

In a recent interview with Variety Mag LaBeouf talks about his life after the original Transformers released in 2007.

“I don’t think I’d be working with the directors I’ve been working with if I had not f–ked up a bit,” he says of his past mistakes. “They wanted a f–king fireball. They wanted a loose cannon. I’m learning how to distill my ‘crazy’ into something manageable, that I can shape and deliver on the day.”

Aside from managing his “crazy,” Shia’s gotten his personal life in order too. He’s engaged to British model Mia Goth and says he’s even toned down his drinking.

“I got a Napoleonic complex,” he admits. “I start drinking and I feel smaller than I am, and I get louder than I should. It’s just not for me, dude.”

“Alcohol or any of that si-t will send you haywire,” continues the young star, who tells the publication he’s attended AA meetings. “I can’t f–k with none of it. I’ve got to keep my head low.”

“I never knew how to drink,” he declares. “I never liked to drink, but I knew you had to drink. It was a weird post-modern fascination with the f–k-ups. When I met Robert Downey Jr., I was like, ‘Man, you got all this f–king texture. How do I do this? How do I build texture?'”

Because of LaBeouf’s craziness and talking shit on basically everyone in showbiz he found that getting blockbusters roles was a thing of the past. Telling Variety: “I don’t think Warner Bros. wanted me,” Shia says of why he didn’t get the part. “I went in to meet, and they were like, ‘Nah, you’re crazy. You’re a good actor, but not this one.’ It was a big investment for them.”

He also had some interesting thoughts on working with Steven Spielberg for DreamWorks films like “Transformers,” “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” and “Eagle Eye.”

“You get there, and you realize you’re not meeting the Spielberg you dream of. You’re meeting a different Spielberg, who is in a different stage in his career,” he says. “He’s less a director than he is a f–king company. I still don’t like the movies that I made with Spielberg,” he adds. “The only movie that I liked that we made together was ‘Transformers’ one.”

ShowbizSpy reached out to LaBeouf for more on the Steven Spielberg deal, as we already know there is some major talk of the next Indiana Jones being a very big deal, and LaBeouf says: “Look man, I would love to work with director Spielberg again and I would be great for the part he is looking for you know, I just do not want to trash the Indiana Jones name anymore than we already have with the Crystal Skull, I mean have you seen that big pile of shit, I was so depressed after that POS hit theaters. However, if Spielberg shows up in the way I know deep down inside he still can, I would be 100% game on with him to bring the movie back to its former glory.”

We are glad to see LaBeouf is getting things together, he really is a good man, as we have met him many times and he was always top notch with us.