Garry Shandling The Signs Were There Of Coming Massive Heart Attack

The passing of Garry Shandling has been a very sad one to say the least. The out pour of emotion from those in Hollywood, as well as fans has been astounding.

The worst part about the actors death is the signs where everywhere.

On March 15th Garry had a few episodes of dizziness and at one point stumbled with his equallibrium off. Shortly after the occurrence he took to Twitter:

Then he spoke with a close friend and doctor on Wednesday afternoon and told him that he was not feeling well. The doctor was concerned enough that he came to Shandling’s home and checked him out and told Garry if he was not feeling well the next day he should go to the ER to check it out.

TMZ originally broke the story, saying “Garry called 911 Thursday at around 10:30 AM and fell unconscious during the call. Paramedics responded, broke his door down and found him unresponsive. We’re told he had a weak pulse at the house and was later pronounced dead at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica.”

Shandling was never married and had no children, however Jerry Seinfeld spoke about the incident saying: “Losing a loved one to something that could have possibly been prevented is the worst feeling. If you or a loved one shows any signs of a heart attack please do not wait get them checked out immediately.”

Here is a video on what to look for from the American Heart Association:

Here is Dr Travis Stork talking about the issue as well: