As we all know by now, Jared Leto was pissed about his screen time and cutting that was done in the original Suicide Squad movie.

Suicide Squad 2 has been held off on production in favor of Gotham City Sirens, which teams Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn with other iconic DC villains such as Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Now the question becomes, will Jared Leto return for this female-only endeavor that pretty much guarantees he’ll once again be relegated to nothing more than an extended cameo?

Perhaps there will be something more for Jared Leto to do in Gotham City Sirens, but it doesn’t sound like it. Once called Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey, Gotham City Sirens has been in pre-production for the better part of this year, and is further along in the process than Suicide Squad 2 and the proposed Deadshot spin-off that stars Will Smith. But both of those movies are continuing to move forward as well.

Right now it doesn’t sound at all like Jared Leto is ready to go method again for just a few seconds of screen time, though he did climb back into the purple suit and clown make-up for a three minute appearance in one of the music videos timed to the release of Suicide Squad in theaters.

Jared and many fans of his Joker character have been disappointed in how his role has been treated, though in Suicide Squad 2 management has promised that Jokers role in the film will be prominent. We shall see!