Yup, yet again Hollywood Life or as some like to call it now… “Hollywood Lies” is claiming that Jennifer Aniston is currently providing relationship advice to Selena Gomez. This story has been de-bunked as completely false.

Showbiz Spy has Jennifer Aniston’s reps cell number, so we used it, and they are telling us: “The story by Hollywood Life is completely fabricated, Jennifer and Selena do consider themselves friends, however they are not close enough friends that Jennifer would provide relationship advice to her.”

Hollywood Life showed the story as and “EXCLUSIVE” claiming: “Jennifer Aniston Encouraging Selena Gomez To ‘Follow Her Heart’ In The Weeknd Romance.” It’s alleged that Gomez not only “has a big time supporter when it comes to her new romance with The Weeknd,” but that Aniston actually “reached out to the singer to follow her heart and forget about the haters.”

They continue to claim: “Jennifer has been one of Selena’s biggest supporters. She’s been encouraging Selena to follow her heart and ignore the haters,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. According to the fabrication factory’s supposed snitch, “Jennifer thinks if anyone deserves to be happy, it’s Selena. She knows Selena wouldn’t hurt a fly and doesn’t think she shouldn’t hide her relationship with The Weeknd because of negative backlash.”

This is yet just another post by HollywoodLife that has been proven completely false, which sucks because we kind of like the team over there. However, before they lose any good reputation that’s left, they better start confirming their “sources” instead of reading Media Take Out better known as “Media Fake Out” false news reporting, and trying to make something out of nothing.