John Wick Chapter 2 is set to be a Hollywood blockbuster for 2017, and most recently director Chad Stahelski went public saying: “I would say we had twice as much action as the first movie. We took it all a full notch up as far as the driving car stuff went. A great portion of the car chase in the opening of the film is Keanu, which is very impressive.” He goes on to say:”People kept asking us in the year after the movie came out, ‘We’d like to see more about the hotel.’ ‘We’d like to see more about all the different characters. ‘What is this underworld where everyone’s the best?’ What’s it like to be in a world like this? That’s what we really wanted to expand on. Me and the other creators on the show, my partner and the other producers, the biggest attraction to us about filmmaking really is creating a universe, and creating a world, and creating a little bit of escape. That’s really what we focused on and we’re hoping that’s what comes across in the second movie.”

In the original film, John Wick is a mob hit man who, upon falling in love, quits. 5 years later, his wife dies and to make sure he’s not alone she arranges for a dog to be brought to him after her death. Later, some men wanting his car break in and beat him up and kill his dog. When he recovers, he sets to get the ones who killed his dog. He learns that the leader is the son of his former Russian employer. And the man wanting to protect his son, tries to take care of Wick but he’s still as good as he was. Wick ends up taking out the entire orginization including the Russian boss. This is where the chapter 2 will pick up.

This movie set to hit theaters 2/10/17 has really peaked our interest, as we loved the original John Wick that really never got any love from the box office, taking in a little over $100M worldwide. So our spies contacted Mr. Reeves himself, and here is what he had to say about part 2: “I believe that people are going to be blown away with the amount of action that we have done in this film. I have prepared for this role harder than any movie I have ever worked on.” He goes on to say: “Director Chad Stahelski has put his heart and soul into this film and always, unlike many directors, asks for others opinions/input.. I like that, it shows you truly care and respect the people you are working around.”

We know Keanu has been working extremely hard on this film as we reported before on his firearms training caught earlier this year.

John Wick 2 will also bring back Ian McShane as Winston, Lance Reddick as Charon, Bridget Moynahan as John’s late wife Helen and Thomas Sadoski as Jimmy. Among the new cast members are Common, Ruby Rose, Peter Stormare and Laurence Fishburne, who worked with both Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski on The Matrix trilogy, which Stahelski worked on as a stuntman and stunt coordinator.

Here is a clip from the original Wick movie as we are still waiting on a trailer for Chapter 2: