Looks like all the cutting made to the Suicide Squad movie is not sitting well with Jared Leto who played the Joker.

There has been a lot of rumors that Jared was very unhappy with the final cut, and now tells ShowbizSpy why.

Our spies caught up with Jared at Bestia in LA, and he broke down the 411 for us when we asked what the hell is going on with his character: “I thought the music biz was bad man, they don’t hold a candle to the lying and conniving in the film industry. What has me a bit upset, is that when I signed on for the roll of Joker, I was told that he will have a major impact/roll on the film, and they pitched the movie to me as a darker version than what was released after all the cuts/edits. I simply was tricked into thinking that the movie was going one way, that ended up going a completely different route.” We then asked about the sequel and Jared said: “I don’t know man, I mean I love the character and want to make people happy, but if Warner Bros. thinks they can say/promote one thing then go a completely different direction, but yet market to the public the feeling that the Joker will have a major role again and does not, well f$%k em, they can find someone else. I am not going to have my name attached to trickery. As the saying goes… Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Yeah?”

Original cuts of the film had the Joker in the film at around 34 minutes, and after the film was cut/edited that screen time ended up at more like 6-7 minutes. Yet, Warner Bros. still marketed the Joker heavily to the public, and that fact is the reason many in the movie biz are said to have given the movie a poor rating.

Just look at the trailer released by Warner Bros. the trailer shows just about every clip he is actually in: