Jumanji 2 Will be Directed by Jake Kasdan… Well Maybe!

It is official as we know now for sure that director Jake Kasdan who has been behind movies like ‘Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story’, ‘Bad Teacher’ and most recently ‘Sex Tape’ is going to be the main man on the set of Jumanji part II.

There has been a lot of controversy about re-making this film that was made so popular in 1995 with the late Robin Williams. However, the studio is pitching the film more as another adaptation of the original books rather than of the original film starring Robin and will be a “new take” on the source material.

The release date has been set of December 25, 2016… so this will be a competing movie at the box office with any Christmas movies that happen to popup.

Now, even after all of this we contacted our secret little contact in Hollywood and he is telling us that this movie will probably not be made if he had to guess. This is due to the backlash of so many fans of the original movie:

Tweets like these go on and on forever and we would have to agree 100%. This is a Robin Williams childhood classic that does not need Hollywood’s (Sony) little grubby hands on to make a few bucks. So many times, a classic is taken and the sequel does no justice to the original. So please Hollywood hear us and do not remake this film. PLEASE!

Here is Robin doing his thing in the one and only Jumanji:

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