Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. Viewers hoped the victory would make the two realize how silly it is to part ways. Fans tuned in this morning to see if in fact the two had made up and the show would go on. Everybody would hug, there’d be some tears, some champagne, and everything would be right in morning TV land. However, that was not the case.

The duo were no shows at the awards show.

Yesterday morning they walked out holding hands and carrying their Emmy’s. As the two entered the Live studio was its usual applause and cheer fest. Unfazed by adoring fans and their TV title the two continue to act like parents putting up a good front for the kids amidst a divorce. Based on their banter it seems the pair didn’t even call to congratulate one another. Both admitted neither knew they had won until people started congratulating them. Regardless of how they’re acting, the award is actually a big deal in daytime TV. The duo also won last year.

Ever since Strahan dropped the bomb he was leaving Live with Kelly and Michael things have been tense on Live. Strahan is scheduled to leave the show on May 13. We would not be surprised if he doesn’t take vacation next week and bump his leave to this Friday. If viewers are noticing the awkward body language and snide remarks there’s much more going on behind the scenes. It has made the show more interesting to watch over the past few weeks though. We can’t imagine Strahan putting up with the shade Ripa’s been throwing his way. Stay tuned…