Kendra Wilkinson Sticks Up For Cheating Husband Hank Baskett

In a crazy twist on the new reality show “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Tami Roman from “Basketball Wives” pulls a bitch move and asks about Hanks affair with the transgender that was big news a while back. Kendra explodes wanting to throw down with Tami for bringing up the sore subject.

Kendra is super pissed off about her husbands shenanigans of unfaithfulness and is showing it more and more but still continues to defend his cheating ass. Hey we have an idea Kendra, dump his ass… once a cheater always a cheater. Kendra says she is contemplating divorce but then turns around and almost gets into a fight for him.

Hank must be laying the pipe pretty damn well as Kendra will not budge on defending her cheating mans honor. Sad

Here is a few clips you will enjoy…