Khloé Kardashian teases Kim Kardashian about her revealing outfit in Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ midseason finale on Sunday, September 4. Kim Kardashian walks out in an small black dress, wearing no underwear or bra, at which point Khloe said she looked like a prostitute.

In the clip of the hit show Khloe asks Kim “How much are you?” leading Kim K to admit that their neighbors looked at her as if they thought she was “hooker city.” Khloé then says, “They probably think Rob paid for you.” Talking about her brother that was there Rob Kardashian.

The conversation then turns to Rob’s recent spat with pregnant Blac Chyna, as the Arthur George sock designer acknowledges that he should sit down with his fiancée to clear the air.

“It takes either one person to man up and obviously, that’s gonna have to be me,” Rob tells Khloe and Kim. “But at the same time, I’m not going to argue with the female. We had a good talk the other night, so we’ll see how things go.”

Khloe then goes on to say: “I know Rob and Chyna have a long way to go, but I am really happy they are working things out, relationships are hard no matter what, and as long as Rob is trying and starts really engaging and communicating with her, that’s all I could ask for, but he has to figure it out, and this is like baby steps to his life.”

There has of course been the Blac Chyna sex tape scandal that really got under Rob’s skin, sources close to the couple are stating that they are constantly fighting over the tape, as Blac keeps it in her safe. Blac has said in the past that she keeps the sex tape with Tyga “for a rainy day”, though Rob is not really down with keeping the footage. We also already have the proof of Rob and Blac making their own sex tapes before she got pregnant, so what is the point of keeping her tapes with Tyga, is Rob’s thought process. So needless to say Khloe and Kim both have a ton of experience with sex tape videos and scandals that come along with them, so they wanted to come to the relationship rescue with experience in sexual scandals.

Here is video from the meeting on the show: