Yikes! Well, we have figured out the reason why Kanye West canceled his concert mid-song.

His wife Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in a mansion in France.

The thieves pistol whipped the door man, handcuffing him and forcing him to provide codes to the area Kim was staying.

At that point the men (dressed as police) rushed the room and forced Kim into the bathroom where they locked her up. Then they ransacked the room taking everything from cell phones to jewelry, in all taking over $10M in merchandise.

Fortunately her children where not there at the time and the other Kardashian sister where out partying.

ShowbizSpy has reached out to those close to Kardashian and they are telling us: “Kim was unharmed but is/was very shaken up over the entire ordeal and is asking for the media’s privacy in this matter.”

Police reports out of France are stating that Kim was begging for her life during the robbery, mentioning that she has children and they could take anything they want, to just not hurt her.

We are trying to confirm this by getting a copy of the police report, however, this will be difficult as they are still treating the area like a crime scene.

Paris seems to get worse and worse for high profile celebs as even just this Wednesday, Kardashian West was rushed by prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who tried to kiss her famous rear end. Sediuk, who has pranked several celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, Will Smith and Gigi Hadid, was immediately tackled by her very well trained bodyguard.