Lionsgate Debuts ‘John Wick Chapter 2’ Teaser Movie Trailer Via Social Media

As we previously reported, John Wick: Chapter 2 is set to be an action packed sequel to the original John Wick movie from 2014.

Lionsgate officially gave us a little taste of the new movie via their official Twitter account:

As you can see from the video… John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is getting measured for a fresh new suit in Rome while meeting with a famous Italian tailor. The tailor asks him if this suit is for a “formal event or a social affair,” with John revealing it’s a social affair. John’s idea of a social affair is certainly much different than ours, as he’s seen taking aim at his unseen enemies with a large rifle.

Box office analysts are saying that the new movie featuring several well known celebrities, should easily top box office records for movies release in Feb 2017.

John Wick 2 follows Keanu Reeves character, who is forced out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins guild. Bound by a blood oath to help him, John travels to Rome where he squares off against some of the world’s deadliest killers. Director Chad Stahelski teased in a recent interview that this sequel will expand on the world John Wick inhabits, teasing fans would learn more about the Continental Hotel and the assassins who inhabit it.

Keanu has been preparing for his role more than he has prepared for any role he has ever had, including The Matrix, and his firearms skills are top notch according to many in the firearms industry.

The full trailer is supposed to hit this Saturday, and we will of course give a breakdown right after the release.