Mad Max: Fury Road Black And White Version Finally Being Released

George Miller’s ‘Fury Road’ was an epic movie of the ages.  But the true version of the directors vision has yet to be released.  That is until now.  On Sept 29th Amazon Germany will be selling the High Octane Collection.  The box set features all three of the Mel Gibson films and also includes ‘Fury Road’.  The kicker is this set will also feature a separate ‘Black And Chrome’ edition.   This edition is what George Miller says is what he intended for audiences to experience but knew that the studios would never go for it.  So instead he made the film ultra colorful.

To fans of the movies this wait has been a long time coming.  The hope was with the release of the film’s first home release the black and white version would be available then.  But all may still not be rosy red just yet.  So far there is no word yet on this being released in any other areas.  So there could be a chance that this will not play in US blue-ray players.  The silver lining here is none of the other movies had a regional restriction so the hope is this may also be the case here.

Check out a fan made black and white version of the trailer here