This year will see two mega blockbusters and they have both not hit theaters yet… Number one will of course be Captain America Civil War and number two will be Warner Bros new Superhero movie Suicide Squad. We had previously reported that Robbie is stedily becoming the new “IT” girl in Hollywood.

Margot Robbie gave a little peak under the hood for the latest images that released on the 13th via Warner Bros marketing team. Little did she know that the photo would cause geeks (like myself) to go crazy everywhere! After the photo hit, it felt like Kim K all over again, as people started sharing the photo via social media in droves.

Our spies caught up with Margot and asked her about the get up she is wearing. Here is what she had to say: “I had no frikin’ idea that the photo would go so viral, I mean everyone was talking about it and even some sites were photo-shopping my bra off, to funny. *haha*” Did you think about it when shooting the scene? “No, not at all, I was in my mode, and when I go there, I think of nothing but being the part, I never gave it a thought.” A lot of people are considering you a sex symbol, what do you say about that? “Too funny, I am just a crazy girl in love with a Joker.” Well said Margot, well said!

The film is set to hit theaters Aug 5th 2016, and from what box office analysts are saying will be one of the top movies of 2016 in gross sales. So make sure to get your tickets early.

Here is the latest trailer provided by Warner Bros.