If you’ve been anywhere outside of under a rock you’ve definitely been hearing a lot about Steve Roger’s Captain America as of late.  First, twitter about broke itself over the hashtag give Cap a boyfriend.  Our spies were split between, ‘wow that would be progressive’ to ‘OMFG! Where’s a gun so I can shoot my youth’.  The rest of the world wide web seemed to have fallen among the same lines.

Not to have their thunder stolen, a Marvel Editor on Wednesday morning has revealed that Captain America is actually an agent of Hydra, and has been all along.  In an interview with Time, Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort explained “It means on the most fundamental level that the most trusted hero in the Marvel universe is now secretly a deep-cover Hydra operative, a fact that’s really only known to the readers and to him. That makes every interaction he has with anyone take on a second layer, a second meaning.”images hydra

“We want to push that button.” Brevoort continued.  “There should be a feeling of horror or unsettledness at the idea that somebody like this can secretly be part of this organization. There are perfectly normal people in the world who you would interact with on a professional level or personal level, and they seem like the salt of the earth but then it turns out they have some horrible secret — whether it’s that they don’t like a certain group of people or have bodies buried in their basement”.

Now of course this being a comic book this could all just be a big marketing ploy to sell more comics and in a few weeks it will be revealed that this was an alternative universe or Steve Rogers was somehow temporarily brain washed.

But, as if, all of that alone wasn’t enough now according to the interview in Time, Hydra and Cap sound a lot like Donald Trump!

In the comic the Red Skull of Hydra talks about “criminal trespassers” who “make a mockery” of America’s borders and calls the refugees in Germany an “invading army” bringing “fanatical beliefs and crime” to Europe. Obviously, this hate speech is nothing new for the organization, but it sounds like rhetoric we’ve been hearing this election. Is that purposeful?

We try to write comics in 2016 that are about the world and the zeitgeist of 2016, particularly in Captain America. Nick Spencer, the writer, is very politically active. He’s a Capitol Hill head and following this election very closely. So we can talk about political issues in a metaphoric way. That’s what gives our stories weight and meat to them. Any parallels you have seen to situations real or imagined, living or dead, is probably intentional but metaphorically not literally.

So basically the true life version of Captain America, whether gay or Hydra-like, is basically The Donald.  So . . . Smokem’ if you gotem’!

To put some minds at ease Cap is probably a virgin anyway