Note To Celebrities – Look To Mark Hamill!

Are you a celebrity?  Do you find yourself bogged down with not knowing what to do with avid fans?  Do you wish there was just someone to turn to to help you through the trappings of celeb-dom?  Well my celeb friend, fear no more for I give you . . .  Mark Hamill.

A young fan of the force wielder from a galaxy far far away asked him on twitter if it would be okay for her to dress up as Luke Skywalker from Return of the Jedi even though she is a girl.  Mark Hamill who has long been known to be very approachable by his fans gave a response that all celebrities everywhere could learn from.

Taking note my celeb friend?  This is how you gain a massive following (he just passed a million followers) and own twitter all in one fell swoop.  Need more to go on?  Here’s a video of the touching encounter between fan and superstar